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Celebrating Greatness Series – Estelle
September 22, 2017
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October 21, 2017

Hello! This feels really good and I am super grateful to everyone that has supported my journey till now. It took me a while to discover what my blog was actually about but I later got to the root and voila! My former blog was titled ‘Funmi’s thoughts’ I never liked the name but I had no option so it just stayed. Last year, I wanted a re branding so I came up with the name. DASIENCE. Yes, I know you have been wondering what that means so let’s get to it.

As a Nigerian, you get so many names. I am not the first child so I wasn’t given as lot of names. My great grandmother named me Omodasola (A child that adds to wealth). Sometimes, I wish it was my first name because Oluwafunmilola (God gave me wealth) is so common. But it is what it is. My English name is Patience. Trust me, I hated the name growing up but I have come to love it.

Who is Dasience?

Dasience is the combination of my name DASola and PatIENCE. That’s the story really but to me it means acceptance. I hated the name Patience but look at me now,it is part of my brand. Dasience means accepting myself the way I am in a bid to be a better person. People will never call me Dasola; Dasola is like a bigger picture that seems unattainable. With Dasience I am accepting myself for everything I am but also striving to get to the bigger picture. If you don’t understand what Dasience is just accept it as it is, what does Instagram mean anyway?

I have thought about so many things to blog about; fashion, lifestyle or psychology? I settled on books because I love writing; books and writing are siblings right? On this blog, I’d be sharing my writings, book reviews and other things I love doing.

If you follow my former blog you will realize that I have a weekly series; celebrating greatness. I have just one left for this year and it will be published in December. The purpose of my blog is not just to celebrate people and I want to use the coming weeks to just share what I love.

I promise to do a giveaway soon. I should have done it on my one year of blogging but life. Probably before the year runs out.

I am open for collaborations and features.

Welcome to Dasience.

I am the literary pundit.


  1. […] blog is up now. Please check it out here and add it to your bookmark for later. My new name is Dasience. I will reveal the story behind it […]

  2. Awwwww baby girl am so excited you now have a blog. You really inspire me and I must say I’m honored to have had a chance to meet you.

    Wish you success in this new domain and what’s more? We should drink to this. Thank God it’s Friyay, cheers to the freaking weekend.

  3. Awwwwwww. This is so lovely. Keep it fire burning sister. God bless you

  4. OLAH FEMI says:

    This makes me excited – maybe not as much as Clinton, lol!
    I’ll be following this as closely as I can. I feel it’ll become something really big.

  5. Raphael Awe-Obe says:

    This is good! A lot of lessons in here, the essentials of little begginings. Keep up the good work.

  6. Akinsete Maveric Michael says:

    Hey….this was quite the reintroduction.

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