Fiction – Turning Point
October 6, 2016

It’s not always about beginnings but about the strength to continue. Cheers to more posts and cheers to new friends. I hope to make your time worthwhile.

Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola is an avid reader who carries a book around every where. A writer, lover of all things beautiful, believer,inbound Marketing Strategist and a budding psychologist.


  1. Kenny says:

    Nice blog funmi… Keep it up dear

  2. temilicious says:

    dz z nyc!d Lord z ur strength dear

  3. Enebeli Malcom says:

    Cheers to you too funmi

  4. francis terver says:

    This is really a step forward

  5. Keerah says:

    Keep it up dear. The lord is ur strength

  6. francis terver says:

    Fumi dats really a step forward

  7. Saka says:

    I’ve always seen potentials in you.
    Don’t limit yourself.

  8. Immanuel says:

    Naish One, Kipitup

  9. Nonye says:

    Big step in the right direction. I’m happy to see this, i hope i can work with you sometime.

  10. Ifeorah Somto says:

    Nice, keep up the good work.

  11. Ifeorah Somto says:

    I’ll be looking forward to more interesting post. Thumbs up

  12. Biola says:

    Nice one Funmi..The Lord is your strength

  13. Khelsurm says:

    Nice one sweet!… Cheers!

  14. Nice one dear. Keep it up

  15. ossy says:

    Nice one
    Incase you need more functionality to add to the site
    Chat me up
    M a programmer.

  16. Mide says:

    Funmi.. I’m so proud of you..cheers to more posts dear.

  17. Mide says:

    Cheers to more posts

  18. oluchee says:

    Your pictures, so the mall has been opened. Had no idea.
    Cheers to more posts!

  19. Joshua onipede says:


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