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My reading life
October 31, 2017
I am a bad friend
November 9, 2017

Hello! I hope your weekend was awesome. This segment should be weekly. It is about what happened the past week, life and what’s up generally.

:  My elder sister’s convocation was on the 28th of October and it was at Benin Republic. I had the opportunity to ‘travel outside the country’.  I love to travel but I have not been to so many places, so I was excited that I was leaving to an unfamiliar place. Cotonou has so many beautiful places and structures. I was fascinated with their structures, almost every house had a rooftop which I think is quite cool. There is constant power supply.  I think to a large extent citizens there are more law abiding because motorcyclist wore helmets and something like uniforms. Women using motorcycles there is a norm. It’s no big deal there but fam! Crossing the roadthere is so hard. I had to ask someone if I was meant to cross there. I wish I was attentive in French classes in junior school but it felt good hearing someone say “Excusez-moi”. I had fun there, we went to Lobele beach on the 29th, I lost a book there but it’s all good. I have gotten over it. I did not explore the food because I get sensitive with food and all but I ate highly recommended spaghetti which was not impressive. I just stuck with my Nigerian stuff. Their pawpaw is out of this world; it’s sold chilled and has this special taste. I liked the hospitality of the place we had spaghetti. They boiled our cutlery and served us water which I don’t think is part of what we paid for.it is really sandy there unlike Nigeria. They have beach sand everywhere. I stayed at Pekadix by the way. I went to Topka market too. I liked the whiteness of Benin Republic. The obviously love white there and I love white which is a cute love story.  I can actually go back there but with plenty money. I wanted to explore books there but it did not seem possible.

Congratulations sis!


: I was meant to go for Lagos Poetry Festival and ArtxLagos but I went for the latter. I went with a friend because I suck at going to these things alone, it was good. I am so happy I went. I felt in a different world because of everything I was surrounded with. I couldn’t wait for Art X live because of distance and time. I like going to these things for exposure, to feed my eyes and just feel the good side of life. I did not go for the talks but I saw enough. I was overwhelmed at a point.  There were so many jaw dropping pieces there. I took a ‘book picture’ at Nubuke foundation’s booth because it felt right. (my friends actually took the picture). Retro Africa, Polly Alakija, MAD Galleries, Yaw Owusu, Rahima Gambo, Rom Isichei, Lakin Ogunbawo and Oluseye amongst others had their works displayed.

Let’s meet Wura..

Hey Raph

Photo Credit: Raphael

Nahhh! I couldn’t read three books last week and I really don’t know about this week but a girl can try. Last week, I read ‘someday’ by Karen Kingsbury. I  have not gotten a hang of Karen Kingsbury series because I know this one I read is part of ‘Baxter series’. After reading daughters of the king, I am trying to do more Christian fiction. The book is  a gift for my birthday that’s on Sunday.

THIS WEEK: Well, greatness was born this week. strolls in I don’t have any plan really. There is Lagos Book and Art festival and Gt fashion weekend coming up. I might go for the event. I will be starting this week with Fine boys by Eghosa Imasuen. I hope to catch up on Empire and How to get away with murder.

Muse: Wura | Photo Credit: Raphael

I hope you achieve your goals for the week.

So many things to do…just in 24 hours.


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    Congratulations to your sis…..keep moving dearie

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    Hi funmi😚

  3. Enas says:

    Good one.

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