10 Reading Accessories Every Book Lover Should Have

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Reading Accessories every book lover should have

Hello everyone! Welcome to the year 2020. In the first post of the year, I will be sharing 10 reading accessories every book lover should have.

Accessory // meaning

noun. a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

I love reading a whole lot but there are just some feferiti or necessities that helps me read better. These reading accessories listed below in one way or the other would help you read better or make your reading experience better:

1 Bookmarks: Who does not love a good/sassy bookmark? This is a necessity because you will have to drop that book at some point and you need to remember where you stopped. Do I still need to be going on about the importance of bookmarks?

Reading Accessories every book lover should have

Reading Accessories every book lover should have

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2 Book sleeves: If you carry your book around without a book sleeve, you are setting up that precious book for possible damage. A book sleeve prevents your book from the wear, tear and ugliness. Use it.

Reading Accessories every book lover should have

Book Journal: Where are you going to write all those cute quotes from a book or that topic you need to research later. I also use the note application of my phone for this. You can also use it to keep record of books you have reading and other important things related to the book.

Reading Accessories every book lover should have

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Tote Bag: I used tote bags majorly throughout my university education because tote bags were great medium for carrying books around. I also loved its versatility, I took a tote bag, everywhere! I get all my tote bags from o’yem collections, you can check out their Instagram here.

Reading Accessories every book lover should have

5 Highlighter Pen: If you are anti-writing in books, you can move to the next reading accessory. There are people that do not mind highlighting various parts in a book that spoke to them. If you are that kind of person, it is necessary you get a highlighter.

6 Lamp: Yes, you need a reading lamp that would be there and actually not disappoint you when the power holding company does.

7 Noise cancelling Headphones/ Earbuds: This is necessary for both paperback lovers and audio book lovers. It could help you concentrate better while reading paperbacks and help to really enjoy the process of listening to an audio-book.

8 Book Embosser: I do not currently own this but I totally want to get it. It is used to mark territory on a book, that this piece of art, belongs to me.

Reading Accessories every book lover should have

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9 Dictionary: Will you stop pretending like you actually know the meaning of the word you just skipped in that book? We are all guilty and I know it could be tiring pausing every now and then to use the dictionary or Google to check out those words that are unfamiliar to us, it is important we also learn. You could note the words and check after reading or you could just do it.

10 Bookish mug / throw pillows/ blanket: While this would not directly impact your reading, having a bookish mug or pillow around you could help direct your mind towards reading and influence your reading experience. If you like coffee and tea, taking it from a bookish mug while reading will be awesome.

Reading Accessories every book lover should have

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Reading Accessories every book lover should have

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Bonus: Phone or tablet stand: If you read more e-books, having a phone or tablet stand could help relieve the stress of having on hold your device. You could also get the required glasses if you experience eye strain.

Random thought: When I am reading an e-book, I usually wish there was a technology that could monitor my eye movement and automatically move to the next chapter once I am done.

At the end of the day, reading a book actually requires you to READ. Having all the accessories without reading does not do the work.

What is your favourite reading accessory?



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