20 Things I have Learnt at 20

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20 Things at 20

Yay!!! Happy birthday to me! I used to pretend like I was not excited about my birthdays but I actually do! I used to say I hadn’t really achieved much, why the celebration? This past year, I decided to be grateful for little things. Two decades!!! Grateful to God for the gift of life, I’m celebrating with three others from my class.20 Things I have Learnt at 20

Yes, I am going to be cliché and do this; I will be sharing 20 things I’ve learnt at 20

  1. God is enough: Being brought up in a Christian home created an affinity to know Jesus Christ but there was no deep relationship until I came to that place of complete surrender and made Jesus king over my life. I understood that nothing in this world would satiate me as Christ does and in that light, God is enough for me.
  2. Money is Good: Yes, I said that. It was recently I came to the realization of this. I just see some things and go to places and I’m like “Money is good”.
  3. I am whole: I watched Transformation church’s series; Relationship Goals and it changed the trajectory of my life. I am whole, God completes me, no MAN will ever do that. God had filled/still filling every broken part in me. I am whole.
  4. Purpose in my PAIN: I think I heard this first from one of my favorites on YouTube. Girl, you are not just going through these hard times in vain, there is purpose in your pain and one day I  will see the testimony of Romans 8:28 fully blown in my life.
  5. Add value to people: Whoever I am today has been greatly impacted by the enormous value various people added to my life, the same way I need to pour in others too
  6. I am different: Girl, you are not mainstream. Own your uniqueness, people wouldn’t always understand it and that’s fine.
  7. I am a hopeful Romantic and that’s okay:  I love love! I love seeing people in love, be in love, thrive in love. I am unapologetic about spending my YouTube time on my favorite couples.
  8. Work on myself: Nobody can do this for me, I constantly need to choose to work and be better everyday.
  9. Do it now: How many tomorrow did not turn to next week, do it now! Whatever it is you can conceive now, do not let procrastination snatch it from you. Procrastination is the enemy.
  10. Get every exposure necessary: After God, education, exposure is VITAL. I would only think as far as I have been exposed to. I am grateful for the various mediums I have gotten exposure from. Exposure to the right things, will set your life on a different level.
  11. It okay for people to have differing opinions but I don’t have to always agree: I have really struggled with this, it is rooted in the sense of not offending people but the truth is, I can respect people’s opinion but not change my opinion for them.
  12. I am optimistic: There are times I astound myself, a part of me will say, “you know you can’t do that”, the other is like “go big or go home”.
  13. Keep journaling: I started journaling before I knew it was a thing. It has helped me greatly. It has kept me together, it has been therapeutic and refreshing. For someone that used to live mindlessly, it helped me get a grip of my daily tasks.
  14. God’s default state is good: There were times I equated my present situation to the goodness/badness of God. I read Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry and I realized that my reality does not translate to God’s goodness or not. God is good, that his default state; good. It changed my life.
  15. Enjoy every season of Life: When I was in my early teens, I had this crazy mental plan for my life. Maybe out of 20 things only 5 are in motion in my life right now but I discarded that plan years ago, am I saying it is wrong to plan (No!) but when I began to intentionally enjoy the season of my life I found peace. One other area this really helped me was concerning relationships. I had been single for a while but I was so unintentional about that season of my life, I was not enjoying it. Watching Relationship Goals by Transformation Church made me realize the joy of embracing every season of my life.
  16. Be content but not comfortable: Whatever state I am in, I am grateful and content but I know there is more. It seems counterintuitive but this thought process and lifestyle is key.
  17. Read the dictionary more: The first time I read Americanah, I was blown-away. Those unfamiliar words were fascinating which motivated me to read the dictionary more. I followed through till after secondary school and I can feel the effect in my words and life. Read the dictionary, learn new words, it matters.
  18. Take breaks: In the race to be an achiever, I can sometimes not listen to my body which is counterproductive in the long run. 
  19. Cherish friendships: I thrive in solitude, there is this happiness that bubbles in me when I am alone. As a firm advocate for solitude and reflection time, I know that I cannot do life on my own. I need people, no matter how tiny that tribe is. 
  20. Live intentionally: Forever grateful I binged on asakemi’s blog, I realized that for most of my life, I was living mindlessly. I was not even present in the present. Reading her blog made me adopt the minimalist lifestyle, consider plant-based meal and live intentionally. I have an intentional scale I rate myself daily, it does not kill my spontaneity but makes me more present in life.

Thank you for always reading the blog and the love. Without you, there wouldn’t be a blog. I do not take you for granted.


  1. Sokuma Theophilus Mshelia says:

    Happy Birthday Funmi! You’re a source of inspiration!!!!

  2. Dami ogunseye says:

    Oluwafunmilola Patience Dasola, God almighty will bless you beyond measures. Your years shall continue to be sweeter than honey comb. Favour of God will forever locate you all the days of your life in Jesus mighty name amen. We are all proud of you and happy birthday to you

  3. Omolola says:

    Happy birthday …..grow more in understanding

  4. Omolola says:

    Happy birthday ……grow more in understanding.

  5. Happy Birthday Gem! I just remembered I put it on my to-do list to read this post and wish your happy birthday. I do pray the goodness of purpose and passion propel your towards prosperity. (ignore my alliteration, its still a prayer) “Be content but not comfortable”, I’m always also saying to peeps. Its delightful at two decades and over a hundred virtual lives you’ve learnt life’s vital lessons. Did you enjoy your day? I’m asking everyone to tell me about their day in two words and an emoji!

    With Love from a Gemstone in Lagos!

  6. Feranmi says:

    Thank you for this

  7. Liztai says:

    Beautiful writeup…
    One of the very few I admire

  8. Niceee ❤️

  9. Raphael says:

    You have really learnt a lot! Keep up the good work.

  10. Asakemi says:

    This is so good to read! It’s never too cliche girl! PS: This is a lot of things to learn at 20; I was no where near here at 20! You should be proud.

  11. Happy birthday Funmi
    Wishing you long life and prosperity

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