2019 Reading Challenge – Update

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This thing called life
November 19, 2019
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December 23, 2019
2019 Reading Challenge

At the end of 2018, I knew I wanted to read more African books and the plan was to read more African books this year (30) from different African countries. I created a reading list, that I planned to follow in 2019. It is the end of 2019, here are my thoughts.

Well, it flopped. First, I was not ready for how much my final year was going to take from me. My motivation to do things outside school was gone, it was a struggle to read anything outside school. One of the reasons I created the challenge was to hold myself accountable and be mindful. After few months in 2019, I also had to let go of the goal because the financial weight of buying the books from Amazon was honestly affecting me and I just had to let it go. I won’t say my reading in 2019 was great but I’m glad I read the books I did when I did. You can check out the review of some of the books I read here.


Concerning reading and books, my usual weekly goal is to read a book which I would. I still want to read books from every African country but I’m not setting any timeline. I might do some next year, I don’t know. I can’t guarantee I would have more time to spare this year but I would be more intentional. I also want to read 80% of the books I already have before buying new ones.

Whatever your reading goal is or isn’t, I hope you have an awesome bookish 2020. If you did not read much in 2019 and you wanted to, it’s okay but what’s not okay is to keep that energy in 2020.

You can also reach out to me via Instagram if you need someone to be accountable to, concerning reading. I would be happy to be your accountability partner.



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