7 Reasons You Should Have A Planner In 2020

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Reasons You Need A Planner

There are more than 7 reasons to have a planner because I noticed that, it gets to a point in life, you come to realize how you operate, when best you are productive and things that help your productivity (if you are yet to discover these things, PAY ATTENTION to yourself). As years roll by, one thing that essentially stood out for me was how the use of planners helped my productivity.

We cannot ignore the fact that life happens and carefully thought plans can be ruined unintentionally but planning is still vital. You might be thinking that planning will hinder spontaneity and stifle you from enjoying life but it is actually the opposite, it helps you realize what you need to accomplish and gives you room to really do what is necessary.

Here are 7 reasons to have a planner and take it seriously in 2020:

It improves your productivity: One of the major reasons you actually need a planner is for the sake of productivity, you cannot just be going through life without paying proper attention and be accountable with your time. When you have a planner, you will be able to know what exactly you need to do which helps your productivity.


It questions your busyness: We are in a world that glorifies ‘hustling’, while it is not wrong to be hard working, the truth is we complain about how busy we are but at the end of the day, there is no fruit for our busyness and supposed hardwork. A planner (when used right) will help you know if your ‘busy’ is busy.


It helps you prioritize: We tend to lose focus when we do a lot of things. For instance, you might spend so much time on Instagram and forget to actually work on your book or job. With the help of a planner, you will clearly spell out what exactly needs to be done. If you stray from it, when you go back to check your boxes for things you planned, you actually realize how you totally strayed out of your plan and it helps you to do better subsequently.


It helps track your goals: As humans, our minds can play tricks and make us believe we are achieving set goals but the truth is we are not. When you have a planner, you are able to strategize and follow through with your goals because you keep seeing it (except you are not intentional), which will help you put in the work to achieve it.


It reduces stress: There are stressors everywhere and having a planner will not make it totally vanish (I would be misleading you by admitting one of the reasons to have a planner is for the elimination of stress) but it will reduce the stress in your life. There are times you have so many things you have to do and it  is heavy on your mind. You also find it difficult to know if you have completed that, how far you have gone with a project, it makes your mind cluttered and sometimes gives you headache. With your planner, you list these things out and you are able to tick boxes or note them when you achieve them. 


It reminds you of those little things: What you write in a planner is not limited to ‘serious’ happenings in your life. Things as little as when to change your toothbrush, a reminder to drink more water or a reminder to catch your favourite show. You might not remember these things because you have projects or things that are more serious happening but they are also important. A planner will help you with that.


It can serve as a keeper of memories: At the end of every month, I have a memory page where I write/design (I suck at this) things/people/places that added a spark to my month. It could be a movie, blog, a video clip, anything that made the month memorable. I sometimes create the page beforehand and record these memories even before the end of the month. There are times we begin to feel like we are not having fun or doing something interesting, looking back at this page, helps me remember, it makes me smile and happy. This might not be the one of the most convincing reasons to have a planner especially if you have a journal already but having a monthly memory page is a beautiful and thoughtful thing to incorporate in your life.

Reasons To Get A Planner

My January 2018 Memory Page

You could get a planner, DIY with a notepad or use digital planners or apps like Trello, Google Calendar. I currently use a traditional planner and Google Calendar. Stick to anyone that works for you and remember that, even if you set these goals and plan daily, you have to put in THE WORK.

Do you currently own or use a planner?


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