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Hi, thank you for stopping by. My blogging journey started as spontaneous as my choice to study Psychology in the university. The idea just came to me, I googled it and boom, I started blogging. With the help of few friends and techies I was able to set up my free blog before moving here. I started with writing fiction and heartfelt notes to my friends but have moved to a broader scene. I still do all of those but more focused on books, places and travel. I enjoy reading a lot, I dedicated my Instagram to that, as I mentioned earlier, I am in my final year in the university studying psychology, I am a budding writer, Christian and aspiring minimalist. Dasience is a combination of my other names (DASola + patIENCE). It is my little online space where I share everything literary, places and travel. I also share a bit of everything and experiences in life. I write about books, review books (if you will like me to review your book, read my review policy here), short stories, life experiences, event reviews and review places I have been to. If you have any need to reach me, please write to info[at]dasience.com. Let’s connect on social media! Love, Funmilola of Dasience

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