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July 6, 2018
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July 23, 2018
Apapa Amusement Park

Apapa Amusement Park! Yay! I am actually doing it. Slowly ticking things off my bucket list. For someone that stays indoor mostly, this is a big deal. My plan at the beginning of the year to visit different places in Lagos is coming to life. Apapa  Amusement Park is the fourth place I am visiting which is a little below the original plan. The plan was to go to a place at least once every month. Grateful so far. It has been a journey.

Apapa Amusement Park (Randle Rd, Apapa, Lagos) is an amusement park in Lagos, Nigeria. The park was built in 2008 and it spans an area of approximately 7.7 acres. The park reopened after a three-year closure and complete makeover in 2015. (Wikipedia)

Welcome to the Apapa AmusementPark

Let’s go on a ride…

I had vaguely heard of Apapa Amusement Park but when Cassie Daves went there and blogged about it, I knew I had to go. Also, my former roommate shared pictures of her trip there which were beautiful.  My friend (Ola) and I planned to go together as usual before we learnt that it was better to go with a small group. We planned to go with six other people but at the end of the day we were just three that made it. So, no planning stuff with others again because people dropping out last minute almost ruined the trip.

Last Saturday, we set out to go. It is the raining season in Nigeria so I checked the weather forecast and it was going to rain. I kept this to myself (it would have ruined everything) and we continued the journey. It was difficult to get a Taxify driver to go to Apapa, they were avoiding there like a plague. If you want to go, make sure you have a solid plan concerning transportation.

We got there around 1pm, made our way to get tickets. I WAS AMAZED. It is such a beautiful place to be. We literally wanted to take pictures, everywhere.

A lot of people have been asking about gate fee, prices and all. First, you have to get a game card which can be used by your group. It goes for 4000 and comes with 3000 credit. When you have your game card, you can proceed to play your game. Apapa Amusement Park PriceApapa Amusement Park PriceApapa Amusement Park, Lagos


We opted for outdoor games because why not? We paid 50 each to enter the outdoor game center with the card. Trust us to do a good number on pictures before doing anything.

Welcome to Apapa Amusement Prk

We went round  the park before settling for the ‘Pirate Ship’ that my friends were enthused to go on. We literally had no idea what we were in for.

Fun at Apapa Amusement Park

What’s so funny?

Pirate Ship in Apapa Amusement Park

Pirate Ship Ride at Apapa Amusement Park

This is not for the lily-hearted.

I will be exaggerating by saying the ride was terrifying but annoyingly fun. It pumps so much adrenaline in your body, you can’t even explain. There were just two people apart from two workers in the park so we owned our bawling.

We waited for a while before going on the next ride. We went on two different rides and did not top up our card. You can top up your card, this depends on how much game you  want to play.

Best ride at Apapa Amusement Park

This was our favourite. We totally enjoyed this ride.

After the second ride, we took more pictures before leaving. It was getting cloudy, we had to go.

I had such a good time there that even when the journey back wasn’t great, it did not matter. The closest Taxify driver was at Lekki, it would take him over 30 minutes to get to our location (all things being equal) which is never the case in Lagos. The rain was ready to pour, so we just had to figure out something.  Everything was worth it at the end of the day.


  • If you have a small group of serious minded people, it is fun to go with the clique.
  • Check the weather forecast before leaving.
  • It is a park, it is okay to be casual.
  • Have a solid plan for transportation.
  • You have to pay for parking space if you bring a car.
  • You can take pictures on other rides even if you did not go on it.
Reading at Apapa Amusement Park

See you soon

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  1. Rachel Ifeyinwa Azuka says:

    Wooow. Lovely. Thanks for sharing. Please in 2019 include me in your ‘fun clique’. 😁

  2. Sara says:

    Is there a place to get food around there?

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