Merry Christmas to you!
December 25, 2016
Thankful series – Eyimofe
January 18, 2017

Lies are shadows of truth, fear is embedded in bravery.

She layed still feeling uneasy wondering how lies and fear had brought her to this point.

“I don’t have time for it, I am just so independent, I don’t need a man in my life ” she told Helen.

“Love is a beautiful thing Celine, you’d be so lost,it will revive you ,pump life into those rigid bones of yours” Helen told her with so much fervour.

Yes, she got lost at the end. The fear of being alone made her cave into Dave’s lies. He was breathing money. Oh! What havoc passion and money would do to her. His picture was in every space of her social life. Instagram, BBM, Facebook, Twitter . How will she start deleting now? She wanted to inspire people of the radiance of two individuals in love. She wanted Helen to know she had followed her advice. Those rigid bones were now flexing under the tutelage of Dave. Slowly, the love crept in,swung in with full force and held her captive.She’loved’ Dave and felt it was mutual. Dave was her undoing, her love was a fuel igniting the fire within.

But at this moment, she hated Dave and hated Helen more. Helen had set her up with her cousin. It was a bet. A game to the both of them. Foolishly, she fell for it. She had been played. He was too good to her. Nothing is ever too good. Dave burst into laughter when she told him she had found out.

“At least I got you. I won the bet, I had you hooked. Helen wasn’t right after all” Dave said

How could he be so heartless? Dave had killed her. She loved a tad too much.

There she layed in a cold night in December bare. Her heart had been ripped off it’s clothing. She was naked fully clothed and lifeless totally conscious.

Happy new year!

Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola is an avid reader who carries a book around every where. A writer, lover of all things beautiful, believer,inbound Marketing Strategist and a budding psychologist.


  1. This is so beautiful. I was captivated till the last period.

  2. Williams Tosin says:

    At the end of the day, it all comes down down to a simpke fact which funmi had already stated, ‘Nothing is ever too good’.
    In my little time in this world i have comr to realise that sweet things, or rather, good things come at price.
    For Celine , she made a mistake to think all that glitters is gold and when she is told ‘love is a beautiful thing ‘ of course it is, but in her case….
    She might wanna have a rethink..

    Nice Article Funmi, well constructed.

  3. adedayo says:

    Nice love

  4. Biola says:

    Great job Funmi!

  5. Uzoeto Elochukwu says:

    Bare, another well crafted piece. But why is it that the protagonist is always a female? …

  6. Omolola says:

    Thumb up !!! You created a flawless literary genre .

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