A Book Lover’s Photo Diary – Books and Places 2019 Roundup

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Hello book lovers! Happy Holidays! It is a jolly season everywhere in the world and I want to play my part of the jolliness by sprinkling some black girl magic on your screen.

I do not know if this photo diary would be a thing but I love it and I feel its a segment that would feed your aesthetics searching senses. One of the tips that helps me read better is carrying a book everywhere I go, I usually have both paperback or an e-book on my phone. When I go to various places; restaurants, parks, I usually look forward to creative ways I can take picture taking advantage of the change in scenery and the aesthetics. It was difficult posing with a book in strange places at first but it has gotten better with time.

Here are the tips that helped me;

  • You can start by having a friend around, for that extra boost of confidence.
  • Take as many pictures as possible, the candid pictures sometimes come out better.
  • Just do it, people will always stare anyway, and everyone would be alright at the end of the day

I compiled pictures I took in various places I have also reviewed below;


πŸ“ – Nike Art Gallery


πŸ“ – Food Shack Lagos


πŸ“ – Burgers N Shakes


Books and Places

πŸ“ – Dominos Pizza and Coldstone


πŸ“- Sabor Restaurant


Β β€œBooks are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

I have another photo diary post I plan to publish soon. For future posts on Instagram, I would be using the hashtag #booksxplaces when I take bookish pictures in restaurants, parks and other aesthetically pleasing places. You can also use the hashtag when you take similar pictures, I would love to see your pictures. I also hope that books grow to be more than props for you, that you read them, use them as a form of escape, use them as a medium to broaden your mind and enjoy them. Which is your favourite picture?

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