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Cordial Killing by Vikki Walton

You never loved him. You loved the concept of him. 

I have often heard about ‘book tours’, when I got the mail to participate in the book tour of Cordial Killing, I was excited.


In Cordial Killing, three women; Anne, Kandi and Hope decided to open a bed and breakfast in Carolan Spring, Brandywine Inn. 

Thoughtful and careful planners as they were, they incorporated intentionality in their plan for the Inn where they also planned to provide homesteading and herbal workshops for guests.

No planning could have prepare them for the problematic set of guests on their first opening. Like that was not enough, they did not see two deaths coming at all.

Everything seems to be working against them as a blizzard threatens the Inn, they are all trap with a killer amidst them.

Cordial Killing is a story on love, betrayal, family, community and survival.


I was a bit skeptical about reading the second in a book series but I was assured it was a stand alone.

The style of the author was easy to understand, her words were carefully written. The book is written in such a way that you have all the closure you need for the journey. Of course it is a mystery book, there was suspense but it was also thorough.

I felt the intentionality of the author to immerse you in the story. It had me totally engrossed in it but I also felt I had too many information. I know we readers always scream we don’t have enough closure but here it is, I am still complaining.

It enjoyed  the Cordial Killing even though the culture was so different from what I know, it was great to learn about it. It is a bitter-sweet book, there were deaths here and there but it did not  overwhelm the story.


Yes, I enjoyed being enlightened on homesteading, importance of herbal medicine, foster care. 

It is a 3.5/5 for me.

Title: Cordial Killing (A Backyard Farming Mystery)

Author: Vikki Walton 

Publisher: Martins Publishing 

Pages: 191 pages

Source: Review Copy 

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

More About the author

Vikki’s first words were “I get it!” This attitude became her life-long mantra to always go after what she wants. It also helped her realize her desire to help others get what they really want out of life.

After spending years as a registered interior designer, Vikki began to write. While writing for periodicals, Vikki found herself on assignment interviewing publishers in Colorado Springs. It wasn’t long before the natural beauty of Colorado captured her heart.

After moving to Colorado, Vikki  worked with nonprofits. However, she soon realized she needed more autonomy in her work.

Vikki started her own business as a nonprofit consultant and grant writer. She has helped nonprofits across the U.S. to receive millions of dollars for  their work. Yet, she realized doing one thing wouldn’t satisfy her for long.

Vikki became a Work Quilter™ combining her many passions to create multiple income streams. She started speaking and teaching adults on myriad and diverse topics around her knowledge, skills and passions.   She’s taught and spoken on Creative Writing, Design for Heart and Home, Fundraising Fundamentals , Suburban Homesteading, Permaculture, How to Get What You Really Want, and of course, Work Quilting. Two words that continually appear on instructor and speaker feedback forms are “engaging” and “knowledgeable.”

Born in Chicago, Vikki lived outside of Paris for a few years as a small child. That may account for her love of travel. She moved to Wichita with her parents before going on to live most of her life around the San Antonio, Texas area. She is the founder of #girlswantago and you can connect through Facebook or 

Vikki is also an experienced, professional  global house and pet sitter.  

Vikki’s favorite genre is mystery so it wasn’t long before she had begun her first cozy mystery series.  Incorporating her love of suburban homesteading, or as some call it, backyard farming, Vikki’s first book is Chicken Culprit. 

You’ll most often find Vikki out hiking with her dog, outside gardening, traveling abroad, house or pet sitting, or writing her next book.


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