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If you follow my Instagram (of course you should follow @fabfunmi) You will notice I have been posting books every week. I am on a reading challenge ‘Readathon’ organised by @ope_akinbo.I missed two weeks already. Hopefully, I do better..

I am doing this review or what seem like it because my friends have been asking me to due to the fact that I have been reading these days. I was reluctant at first  but I just told myself why not?

 There was a country by Chinua Achebe

I vaguely heard about Biafra growing up and this book did a good job creating a mental picture of ‘Biafra’. Achebe added flavor to the book with stories from his personal life. The book reveals how observant he is because he always had something to say about people he had encountered in the course of his life. Those part he mentioned his wife melted my heart. It makes it evident that love is beautiful anytime. With thoughtful poems sprinkled everywhere in the book. The poem can be likened to introspection. One cannot but notice how truly gifted he is making, ordinary words poetic.

“For the second time in our short history we had to face the disturbing fact that Nigeria needed to liberate itself anew, this time not from a foreign power but our own corrupt, inept brothers and sisters” (favourite line from the book)

I will not fail to mention how perfectly the book describe Nigeria’s situation. It shows how we have been ‘struggling’ since forever. He profers solution for a ‘better Nigeria’ ; but it seem nobody listened.

Title: There was a country

Author: Chinua Achebe

Source: Bought (NO! you can’t have my copy)

Duration to read: 2 weeks (I was unserious with it hence the long time)


Personally,I think it is a good book,so? Yes! Read if you want to under why he the ‘father of modern African literature’ . If you are interested in the history of Nigeria,if you are a budding writer, political scientist, understanding what Biafra is about.


I can now go back to read ‘half of a yellow sun’ . I was not just feeling the book at some point but I think I should read again now. I will also like to read OBJ’s book on the war. Shines teeth I low-key like government.

Have you read this book? Do you like the book? What book are you currently reading? More reviews? Let me know .

Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola is an avid reader who carries a book around every where. A writer, lover of all things beautiful, believer,inbound Marketing Strategist and a budding psychologist.


  1. I’ve always wanted to read the book. I’m sure I’ll read it sometime. But, tell me, do you find Achebe’s rendering of the war to be fair, especially to the Yorubas?

  2. toluwani folayan says:

    I haven’t read it but I will be sure to read it now…good review funmi

  3. Tony Michele says:

    I’ve read this book also. Very important piece of literature and history.

    I think it’s the first book on Biafra I’ve read other than Chimamanda’s book which is fiction.

    He was truly a gifted writer.

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