Book Review – Haunted by Abiola Okusanya

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October 23, 2017
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October 27, 2017

There are about four books I am yet to write a review on so be expecting reviews. A friend told me to do a review for her friend’s book. Honestly, I am honoured that she thought of me. Thank you, Wunmi.


Adetoun, Adesuwa and Rosella are three jolly friends that do almost everything together; the conventional high school besties. They are like your “You can’t sit with us babes”. There is also a newcomer Maxwell, who cannot get over his parent’s death and is stuck. This strange new guy and the trio will have to work together. Circumstances bring people together. There is love brewing and even our favourite girl can fall for something.

Even in the middle of their innocence, evil can strike.

Identical twins are not the same, even with the DNA. Will tough time bring the trio together or ruin them?

This story is about the importance of friendship, betrayal, love, loss, letting go and the essence of grabbing opportunities.


I struggled with this book at the beginning. It has been a while that I read a book like this. It reminded me of ‘last days at Forcados High’. I caught up with it later on.

Maybe it’s but if I read a book that just tells people “Hey. I am Funmi” it makes me feel somehow because I want to discover who the person is. Sometimes the author presented us with everything without leaving us to discover. There were times I liked it and did not like it.

The book also touches rape and it’s psychological effect. Awareness should be made about these things.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this book. I have read some overly poetic books that the author wants to appear technical and the whole story loses it meaning. This book is different and i think it’s simplicity should be appreciated.

It is a 2.5/5 for me.


First, this book would be free and getting the book will be a great way to encourage the author. You don’t actually lose anything. This book will give you all the ‘secondary school feels’. This book is for you if you want to get nostalgic. This is ‘something light’

Title: Haunted

Author: Abiola Okusanya

PS: You can follow the author on Instagram here to download the book. it would be released on the 1st of November. Anticipate!!

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