Book Review – How Dare The Sun Rise by Sandra Uwiringiyimana

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February 22, 2019
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March 3, 2019
How Dare The Sun Rise Review by Sandra Uwiringiyimana

I want girls to know that they have the power to speak out. They don’t have to stay quiet. No matter what culture or country you are from, there will always be pressure to remain silent, to never tell. But you don’t have to protect sexual predators. By speaking up, you are standing up for yourself. And you might be preventing it from happening again. Tell people what happened. The predators expect you to stay silent. You can prove them wrong.


When I saw this book on Pinterest, I instantly got interested, her braids attracted me and that book titled grabbed my attention. Thankfully, it was on my Scribd subscription.


Sandra Uwiringiyimana was born into a minority ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, they were regularly discriminated against, which resulted in conflicts that affected her education and her whole life. These conflicts got fully blown that made herself and her family members seek refuge in Burundi. She mentally paints the pictures of her life at the refuge camp as a young girl, the aftermath of a massacre that claimed the life of her sister, the indelible mark that event left in her life and life after the massacre.

She writes about her struggle with identity especially how people always tried to force an identity on her. In DRC, people said she looked and was Rwandan, when her family moved to Rwanda after the massacre, she was different.

How Dare The Sun Rise is packed and Sandra Uwiringiyimana has a wealth of experience, there is so much to learn from this book about the Democratic Republic of Congo, refuge situation and the United Nation’s effort at re-settling refugees in America.


You are not to spend your days worrying about tomorrow

Prior to reading How Dare The Sun Rise, I knew close to nothing about the refuge situation in dufferent parts of Africa. This book did a good job in educating me. How Dare The Sun Rise is not only moving, it is informative.

How Dare The Sun Rise made me realize that when we see someone, no matter how young that person is, we actually have no idea what the individual has been through.

One thing that I kept asking myself while reading this book is the logic behind all these senseless wars among each other. The fact that these things do not make headlines does not mean that people are not suffering and being affected.

I  enjoyed the audiobook of How Dare The Sun Rise but I also wish I had the ebook or paperback because I tried to make some research on some things that fascinated me (people, tribes, places) but there was no luck with the spelling 🤦🏽‍♀️.

I am glad Sandra shared her story, I cannot imagine how difficult it was reliving each memory but I’m sure it was in a way therapeutic sharing her story.


Yes, totally! How Dare The Sun Rise is a necessary book. A must read, if I must say.


Title: How Dare The Sun Rise: Memoirs of a War Child

Author(s): Sandra Uwiringiymana & Abigail Pesta

Publisher: HarperAudio

Format: Audiobook

Length: 6 hours 25 Minutes

Genre: Young Adult Non-Fiction

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How Dare The Sun Rise Review by Sandra Uwiringiyimana

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