Book Review – Lie to Me, Dan by Longrin Wetten

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Book Review – The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma
July 15, 2019
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July 18, 2019
Lie To Me Dan by Longrin We

I am more determined than ever to finish the books I have especially the ones publishers sent me, Lie to Me Dan by Longrin Wetten had been on my list for the longest.

You, my dear, are a winner


Lie to Me Dan tells the story of Mariam Zhasa who had a picture-perfect life growing up, a psychology student who had life under control until D-man, a student who everyone feared to be a cultist fancied her. D-man was ardent about pursuing Mariam, he goes through any means to initiate their friendship. After consecutive failures, he cunningly found a way to be part of her birthday party.. Things get awry from there and they experience a tumultuous journey that was defining.


The cover of the Lie to me Dan exuded mystery, my curiosity was piqued.

I think Lie To Me Dan is an okay book, I was not thrilled reading this book. It took me a while to ease up to the book and when I did, I was intrigued but I did not feel my pulse racing, I just felt warm. It is a young adult novel which I think is a great sphere in itself, it explores the vagaries of the (not so average) Nigerian university student, and it laid emphasis on love/lust/infatuation. While reading the book, it felt like I was watching a throwback Jim Iyke engaging in a tussle to win Ini Edo’s attention. It is not of one the most memorable books I have read. While I feel the author’s writing style is intriguing, I also felt like the author subconsciously had a moral undertone for the characters which just did not work for me.

I appreciate the psychological references made in the book; it made me feel like I was talking to a mate.


If you enjoy the young adult narrative tailor-made to the Nigerian University, you can give this book a shot. It is a 2.5/5 for me.

This book was sent by Penthusia Publishers in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

Title: Lie to Me Dan

Author: Longrin Wetten

Publisher: Penthusia Publisher

Format: Paperback

Source: Penthusia Publisher

Pages: 255 pages


At seventeen, college student Marylyn Zhasa has it all planned out. She excels in her academics, and she is an honored member of The Flyers Club a group devoted to grooming hard-driving students for the choicest careers, in her country of Nigeria and beyond. Shes ambitious and unafraid, and no worthless boy is going to get in her way. When she meets Dan, she immediately brushes him off. Yes, hes handsome; he looks more like a celebrity on vacation than a student going to class. He has earned himself the nickname D-Man, a play on demon, due to his ladies man reputation. However, something about Marylyn catches his eye, and hell do anything to make her his girl. No stranger to men’s attention, Marylyn puts up her well-practiced defenses against Dan’s unusual advances. Despite her fight, she ends up sucked into a fast-paced world of danger and uncertainty. All her careful plans seem spun to the wind as her unexpected romantic passion leads her down a path that could end in destruction and death.

Lie to Me Dan by Longrin Wetten

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  1. Toju says:

    “While reading the book, it felt like I was watching a throwback Jim Iyke engaging in a tussle to win Ini Edo’s attention.” 😂😂😂😂

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