Book Review- Son of Man by Amara Nicole Okolo

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Son of Man by Amara Nicole Okolo

I am that story he wanted to publish. Each Sentence simmered in bowls of wrath. The letters were fiery, their message scalding. I was eager to be read, thirsty for attention. But as with every fateful story. I was rejected and put away because of my honesty, because I spoke the truth

It does not matter how much exploration I do, books are still part of my core. Have you been following my Parresia book reviews? I have reviewed Hang No Clothes Here by Bolaji Olatunde and From the Crevices of Corps Hearts by Chinyere Chukwudi-Okeh.

I read Son of Man by Amara Nicole Okoro few weeks ago but just gotten around to review it.


Son of Man is a collection of six short stories all woven together to show the complexities and fragility of the human race. The author ushered us with ‘The Talking Shoes’ which personified shoes as the narrator of the story. It is a story of how hope can be drawn even from the smallest things of life. That story is closely followed by ‘The Machete of Retribution’ which explores how lack of basic amenities and proper care could lead to mortality. ‘The Lost Ones’ is about the craziness of law enforcement agency in Nigeria.

My favourite story in this collection is ‘500 Dreams And a Letter’, which is supposed to be a regular Nollywood narrative but turned out beautifully, it made me cry.


I think short stories are doing it for me these days, some of them do not even give you closure but it is just perfect. I read this book at a sitting and I remembered screaming and having conversations with myself. I like this book.

I enjoyed the personification of objects to tell the stories and how in short chapters, I did not need closure it was satisfying.

I am going to get the author’s other book when I can because I believe she is a good storyteller.


Is that still a question? Please do! Totally. If you are looking for a short read that is actually interesting and engaging, Son of Man  is the perfect book for you. It is a 4/5 for me.


Chief Odion Eguavoren in ‘500 Dreams And a Letter’: He might not be the example of a good father but it is almost impossible not to like that man. He was a difficult man who really understood what he was doing but also eccentric.


Cauldron: A large metal pot with a lid and handle, used for cooking over an open fire.

Fetid: Smelling extremely unpleasant.

Source: Oxford Dictionary

Title: Son of Man

Author: Amara Nicole Okolo

Publisher: Parresia Books

Source: Parresia Publishers

Pages: 118 `pages

This book was given to me by Parresia Publishers in exchange for an honest review.



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    Nice review funmi!! I’m also feeling all these your lit pictures all over the blog 😍

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