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January 6, 2019
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Cafe Neo

The idea to go to Cafe Neo came after I saw a picture of a girl sitting in a cafe on Pinterest. I am not big on teas or coffees, I was more interested in the space. I am a visual person and being a beautiful environment is something I can pay for.

Cafe Neo

I was pumped from just seeing a movie, I did not mind going round to check for Cafe Neo at the 1st Floor, E-center, Sabo-Yaba, Lagos. (There are other branches in Lagos). It actually took me a while to locate it.

Cafe Neo Lagos

Cafe Neo is a one-stop place for coffee, tea, and pastries. The ambience is relaxing.

Cafe Neo Yaba

The attendant at Cafe Neo was funny, he made expressions that made us (I went with my friend) interested but confused at first. It took us a while to finally get what we wanted. It was a struggle, we were not professional coffee drinkers but we settled for Cappuccino which cost ₦1000 each. If you plan to visit somewhere, I’d advice you check the website and view their prices, I did not get any price on the website though. However, if you find prices on the website of somewhere you hope to visit, make sure you take extra money because some of these brands don’t update their prices. It happened to me once, don’t be like me. Take extra money.

The coffee at Cafe Neo tasted good, the space was almost filled with people on their laptops and people just having a good time. 

Cafe Neo

In my opinion, Cafe Neo is a good space to meet friends and discuss, work, or just relax. I am not a coffee drinker, I cannot rate if the coffee was top notch but it tasted good to me. It burnt my tongue at the beginning though.

Yes, Cafe Neo is somewhere I’d stop by again but a different branch, probably to catch up with someone I have not seen in a while. 

I ran a poll on Instagram asking if people liked coffee, the responses were almost equal anyway. Do you enjoy coffee? Have you been to Cafe Neo? How was your experience?

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  1. Mosunmola says:

    Beautiful right up darl. Very simple but did drive home the point. Coffee! The smell alone gets me on a high. It sure does.

  2. I am not a coffee drinker. But going to spaces which are instagramable is a good idea for pictures.

  3. Thattokelady says:

    I am one the Milo gang 😂 and I like my coffee with plenty milk what is the point, my friend would say
    I have not been to Neo but with this review, I actually need a space that could make me work and relax at the same time.
    I wish we have more of these places around Alimosho.
    Nice write up gurll.. Keep up the good work

  4. Good stuff here funmi… Nice write up

  5. Nice photos. I’m not a fan of coffee too but they sell green tea and that works for me.

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