Thankful series

January 16, 2018
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Thankful Series – Dear Crush

Dear Crush, The beginning already seems cliché. This should not stop you from reading what I have to tell you. You once accused me of never […]
October 21, 2017

Thankful Series- KK

Dear Kk, I did not forget the day you told me the only thing you wanted for your birthday was to be here. First, I am […]
August 14, 2017

Thankful Series – Babatope

Dear Babatope, Disclaimer: Tope is not my boyfriend; he is more of an elder brother. This is not your birthday and I wish I did something […]
June 11, 2017

Thankful Series – Tobiloba

Dear Tobiloba, I have been so anticipating today. I just checked my writing book and you were the first subject I wrote about this year. I […]
March 2, 2017

Thankful Series – My Sister

Dear sister, Before’mushy’ clouds anything, this is the cutest I might be to you.
February 14, 2017
The story of a clinical psychology student who has an addiction.

Thankful Series – Godhead

​ Dear Godhead, I know l might eventually turn this to a prayer but it’s a letter. Like it’s the same. I know you understand everything.
January 18, 2017

Thankful series – Eyimofe

​Dear Eyimofe, This is what I want. I have always found it demeaning to address you as ‘Mofe’. It is an iota of the beauty of […]
November 29, 2016

Thankful series – Glasses

Dear glasses, You caught my attention the day I struggled to find your abode so I resigned to keep you near my bed. Slowly caving in […]