Review Policy

Review Policy

Dasience’s Review Policy

Hello there,

Thank you for considering me to review your book. I’d like you to know few things before you send the review copy.

Book Genre: First, I am opened to both fiction and non-fiction books and I read a wide variety of fictional genres, however I am not willing to read erotica books.

Book Format: Pdf, ePub, Physical books (most preferred)

Time Frame: I currently combine schooling and blogging, this does not give me enough time to review books promptly. I write reviews in the order  I received the book and I will likely consider older review copies first, if you want to discuss when you will like the review, you can indicate it.

My review includes a synopsis, my opinion and recommendations and details about the book. The book review is solely based on my opinion and I will express my unbiased opinion about the book. Whether or not I like the book, I will back it up with my opinion about it. This review will appear on this blog, my Instagram account and Goodreads.

You can send your review request here, please do make sure I approve your request before sending the book. Do also provide information about the book while sending it.

I look forward to your request and do not take this for granted.


Funmilola of Dasience.