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234drive is an interesting discovery I think you would want to know more about. If you are an old reader of this blog, there used to be a segment titled ‘celebrating greatness‘ where I interviewed people I knew or could reach out to that were doing great or wonderful things in their industry not necessarily around books or literature. I am bringing that segment back, if you know someone you would like to see on the blog, kindly recommend below.

Now to 234drive,

The truth is, I am naturally not enthusiastic about cars but when I learnt of a car blogger/vlogger, I was like ‘what?’. It was strange but fascinating. The person you would be reading about today creates content around cars, he creates informative and homourous content around cars, also exposing you to things you did not know and dispelling myths around cars to his growing social media account of over 18k followers.

Crank of 234drive


Who is the man behind 234drive? We want to meet you?

234drive: My name is Olatunbosun Gbenga popularly known as Crank the Roadman, a car enthusiast that graduated from the mechanical engineering department of Unilag in 2018 and now creates content around motoring in General using the digital media space.

What are cars to you?

234drive: A car ordinarily is a means of moving around but these days, just like pets they need to be tamed and understood just to get the maximum benefits out of them.

Your favourite car yet?

234drive: A Dodge Challenger, any performance trim.

“I can tell a car from its sound”

Crank of 234drive
At what point did you realize that car blogging was a thing you could actually do?

234drive: I noticed that a lot of people around me had misconceptions; wrong ideas about cars which I felt needed to be corrected because in more developed countries, every car owner has basic knowledge about cars they drive which makes driving way easier. Blogging/vlogging was the only way that made much sense  to go about educating people.

“Driving isn’t dangerous when you are in control”

 So far, what is the fondest memory you have related to 234drive?

234drive: I remember when I would always chase down every luxury car that drove into my university campus with my female partner just to talk to the owners and get their details just so that I could review the car on video/camera…it was always stupid doing that but I enjoyed it.

Crank of 234drive

Every niche comes with its challenges, so far, what are your challenges?

234drive: The biggest challenge right now is getting physical cars to create content with because everybody is always trying to prevent their cars showing on social media for privacy and also I feel what I am doing is really new to people.

Who are your biggest inspiration in relation to car blogging/vlogging?

234drive: Car throttle of UK inspires me a lot and then most popular Nigerian tech vloggers inspire me cause it’s like they are creating something out of nothing.

Five random things people don’t know about you?

– I am a trained automotive technician
– I was part of a team that built a car in the University of Lagos
– I can tell a car from its sound
– I don’t like driving as much as people think
– I take pictures/videos of any strange looking car I see anywhere at anytime

Crank of 234drive

Peep that pouch

How can you convince someone that is afraid of driving to actually try it out?

234drive: Driving isn’t dangerous when you are in control, all you need to do is be conscious and you are good.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do you prefer e-books, paperback?

234drive: I read self development books in all areas of life. E-books are kind of boring so yeah, paperback.

What words do you live by?

234drive: Never stop trying different methods till it works out.

You can connect with him on social media, he makes great content // Instagram // Twitter

Crank of 234drive

What is YOUR  favourite car yet?


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