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February 26, 2018
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Celebrating Greatness is back for real! (Inserts dancing emoji). Do check out this post on the reason I started this series, and what the series is about.

Earlier last month, I did a review on a short movie here. Today, I have the producer and the brain behind the movie on this post.  Femi Pereira is a ‘jack of all trade’ and unlike the narrative he is the master of so many.  His surname and his voice were part of the reasons I got to know him. Let’s get to this.

  • You are a musician, photographer, actor and film-maker. Can we really meet you beyond the surface level? My name is Pereira Oluwafemi David, the only son in a family of five. A student of Economics at the University of Lagos, I also work.  I am the founder and CEO of Theatre of Dreams ,a musical and theatrical group on campuses in Nigeria. I have featured in over 50 stage plays and 1 series that is yet to be released. I started my acting journey with  Sultance drama troupe. I have produced 3 short movies, the most recent one, THE CULPRIT premiered and was sold out at Ozone cinemas, Yaba on 13th January, 2018 which is now available at the theatre of Dreams Unilag YouTube page.

  • When did all this start? The music, drama and everything. Like most singers or Actors will tell you, it all started from way back (lol). I started Theatre of Dreams officially in 2013 when I was a student at Kwara poly.
  • How did your background influence what you are doing currently? When I was much younger, my sisters said we should form a band, so we do rehearse women of faith songs and the 3 of us were saving money to buy a recorder and more CD’s until my mom borrowed the money we had saved and she never returned it (Lol). I was also in the drama group and children’s choir of the Redeemed church we attended at that time. All these helped shape who I have become today.

    Yo Daddy is here!

  • You have a drama group named ‘Theatre of Dreams’. What is it really about? Theatre of Dreams is a musical and theatrical group. We organise and produce stage plays, musical performances(gigs), movies and skits.
  • What are you greatest challenges? What do you think will help you actualize your goals? My greatest challenge?  I will like to answer the question relating it to Theatre of Dreams. One of the challenges I had back then was human capital, selling my ideas and convincing some selected people to join. I almost gave up at some point, but I encouraged myself. I believe with hard work and dedication, I can achieve a lot.
  • On a lighter note, what is your ‘go-to’ pick up line? I love your hair (smiling).
  • Who is your favourite movie character and why? I believe every actor (male or female) is unique in their own way, so I don’t have a  favourite. I try to learn from everyone of them.
  • How important is God in what you do? My creator (God) is the most important factor in everything I do.
  • What do you think about this blog?  To be honest, I don’t really know a lot of blog sites. I only visit a few but so far, this is the best blog I have come across on campus.
  • Where do you see your brand and Femi in few years? Any upcoming project? Few years from now, Theatre of Dreams will be a house hold name on every campus in Nigeria. Femi would have produced at least 4 quality feature movies that will show in cinemas nationwide.We have so many projects to unfold this year. But I wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag so soon. Watch out for it.


  1. Femi says:

    Thanks Funmi….

  2. Josephine Zoe says:

    Congrats boss.
    Greater heights

  3. Ewesor Hannah says:

    I love THE CULPRIT

  4. Taiwo says:

    FM u have gone so far I’m happy keep it up the Lord is your strength

  5. lamilogan says:

    woow…a beautiful and touching interview session.i believe in you bro..#thumbs up

  6. Ayo Ladipo says:

    Great! The sky is your start!

  7. Umoru Hadijat says:

    Nice one dear.. The sky is definitely your starting point. 🙌

  8. Prosperity Adewale says:

    Wow Wow Wow. I am so inspired. Greater heights bro.

  9. gabriel says:

    Wowwwww!!!within a very short period u av acquire so much exposure and knowledge.Am happy for u Bro, KIU(keep it up)

  10. Williams Omolara says:

    Yes our mum borrowed the money and never return it and any time u ask her she will ask u to return all d money she has been spending on u since birth lolllls
    Can u imagine
    Greater heights Femi, the sky is ur starting point bro

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