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August 14, 2017
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August 25, 2017

Consistency has been one of the major challenges I have encountered as a blogger. So, I decided to start a weekly feature where I ask people I find interesting or people doing something that matter rather than just going to school questions. (Nothing serious) I just want to celebrate them.

On today’s feature I have Agu Chigozie Clinton who is a fellow psychology student, blogger and all round awesome person. I met Clinton earlier this year in developmental psychology class. I knew we had to be friends when I realized he blogged about black people. Whoop whoop!

I sent these questions to him; probably in the long run I will do a proper interview.

-Define your blogging style.  Well I am a racial blogger. I’d call my blogging style a blog to support the black people.

-Describe your alter ego.  My alter ego is actually my best friend. Same attributes like me outwardly quiet with a touch of savagery and sarcasm and very outgoing too.

-Your favourite place to be. The movies

Four important people in your life. My mum, my siblings, my bae, my best friend.

-I know there is a particular height you hope to achieve. Have you gotten there? What are the things stopping you?  I want to be a renowned neurosurgeon. I haven’t gotten there the Nigeria system has frustrated me enough with Jamb and it’s partisan scorings. But hopefully I’d get there one day. I would never stop trying.

Are you happy with life? Yes I am no matter what has happened so far.

  • How important is God in what you do? So important.

  • Source of inspiration? My mum

  • Your top 5 songs right now. Sia- unstoppable, Whitney Houston- Exhale no more songs

  • What is the career/job you know that will forever make you happy? Being a health worker

  • What  do you  think about Funmi’s thought’s?  I think Funmi’s thoughts is an intelligent concept and I am always thirsty to read about the next book review or the person she wants to talk about. Funmi is really intelligent and we see it put out in her blog.

I am honoured that you took your time to answer these questions. Please do check out his blog Diary of a black god

Watch out for the next feature….. Next Friday.

Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola is an avid reader who carries a book around every where. A writer, lover of all things beautiful, believer,inbound Marketing Strategist and a budding psychologist.


  1. I’m beyond honored. Thank you Funmi

  2. Olah Femi says:

    Oya Funmi, do me next ( you can ignore the pun 🙂 ).
    Nice concept by the way, and really good execution.

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