Celebrating Greatness Series – Estelle

Celebrating Greatness Series – Oke Pelumi
September 15, 2017
Hello World, it’s me Dasience
October 20, 2017

Please pardon my inconsistency. Life can just come at you unexpectedly. Thank you for always checking the blog. The blog will be one year soon! Whoop!

On today’s episode, we have Estelle. I have always admired her and really wanted to be good friends with her from the first time I met her. She is one of those rare people. She is a psychology student, dancer and so many more. (I know you will say Psychology again)

I like how informative this interview was.

Please, enjoy.

-Who is Estelle? We want to know you more. Hmmm Estelle… Okay My real name is Esther Ihongbe.. Estelle is my stage name though ..A student of Unilag studying psychology and presently rounding off my 200 level.. A dancer, part time model and a young entrepreneur.. Estelle is a lover of art, entertainment and anything that links creativity to life. I love junk food(no shame). Estelle is a lover of sports and fitness. Estelle is a free spirit and a lover of people with a great sense of humor. A mind that explores not just the inner self but things that are externally incredible.

-I know you do other things apart from schooling? What do you do? I am a dancer and also teach dance ..err sorta a make up artist and i model though not often ..These are the things I do asides schooling.

-Four things you do everyday. I don’t have anything in particular that I do everyday only on some occasions when I have a job at a stretch, I perform the same routine till the due time but if you say randomly…err lol.. Let’s see; 1- I pray everyday 2- I eat everyday lol I mean something just goes in somehow. 3- My mind creates new ideas..dance routines ..thoughts on life and personal thoughts on how to be a better person…

-Why did you pick psychology?Hmmmm Well honestly I chose psychology because I realized at an early stage that its ‘LIFE’ itself and once you have a deep understanding of what psychology entails, you begin to see things differently and you become fascinated about how lives could be transformed through you.. How different behaviours can be managed or improved on. Interestingly, psychology has a part to play in everything we do as humans even in the area of dance(😘😘😍 My passion) lol.. Isn’t that amazing?

-Who do you think has changed your life? God did it.. He changed my life.. He’s the reason for everything ..I’m also thankful that over the years, I have met with really good people who added to my success and have made my life amazing

-Are you your goals yet? No oo.. I feel there’s so much I’m going to achieve and I have only made a foundation.. I see myself doing great things in the years to come. In 6 years or even less, hopefully, my ideas would have made a name for itself .  lol and even in subsequent generations. There’s so much more that needs to be achieved o jare

What are your challenges? My challenges as a dancer or as a student? Lol I will say a little on both. As a student, my challenge honestly is being a student. Life as a student( anybody would agree with me on this) is quite difficult,well to an extent..especially when you have to sit through conventional lectures, the loads of assignments and work you need to deal with.. And the rest.. But I have learnt to handle these things by focusing all my energy into my listening and also in my note taking.. Things are done differently now and the sooner I know and accept change( which is constant) the better for me

As a dancer,my greatest challenge is separating my work from my personal life or to be more realistic, School. I am very passionate about dancing and one thing for sure is to be better at what you do, you need to spend more time practising to be perfect.. Emphasis on more time. I found out that it is necessary to be versatile in all aspects  of what my job demands. Now having to attend dance rehearsals on the days I need to be in school became so much of a big deal for me but with time, I got myself surrounded with people who became motivators and positive impacters and this helped a lot in making a choice. I then understood how I needed to manage my life as a dancer and as a student. The truth about reality is that challenges will keep coming but we need to find something positive in everyday and use that determined perspective to keep moving towards our goals

-If you had the power, would you change your nationality? Lol this question eh.. Hmm the truth is at one point in our lives, we have wished we were born abroad or wished we came to this world as non nigerians either as a result of one condition or even circumstances but I began to appreciate my identity..My skin color and how much it is valued.. There’s so much about being a Nigerian. We need to appreciate our true identity because for one reason or the other you were sent to this country and it was not a mistake that it happened. Every life has a purpose and for this reason i am unashamed.

What do you feel about school? Lmao for me ooo.. I don’t like school that much. This is hard for people to believe but its the truth. I sing to every soul that cares to listen that I really cannot wait to graduate. Don’t get me wrong o.. I do not hate school, I just don’t like it that much. Education is  important and its good to take advantage of every opportunity to improve.

-Would you run for a political position later in life? I don’t like politics.. So I don’t see myself attempting to run for any position

-What do you feel about Funmi’s thoughts? Its an amazing platform. Funmi is a beautiful and strong woman and her personality is inspiring. I don’t know how you manage to do it but you drop jaws.. I only got to know about Funmi’s thoughts few weeks back and since them with I have been stunned. You are the real deal . A blessing to this generation. 😘

Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola is an avid reader who carries a book around every where. A writer, lover of all things beautiful, believer,inbound Marketing Strategist and a budding psychologist.

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  1. This is awesome 😃. I keep seeing people in new lights whenever they’re interviewed on this blog.

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