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Friyay! Friday! Friwhat? You are welcome to today’s edition of celebrating greatness and who are we celebrating today?

Those who know me know that instagram is like my second room. I stalk and stalk awesome pages. In one of my stalking mission, I stumbled on her page. Along the line I realized she studies psychology in my uni but not the same level. She runs book barter, she attends lit book events and I always wanted to talk to her. I see her in my hall and I was going to say hi but I’m too shy. So this was the perfect opportunity to ask questions that I always wanted to.

I am in awe of her and I am not going to lie. She is goalsss. I am honoured she took her time to answer my questions. You will find depth and be inspired to do more by this interview

Today, we have Lade Tawak, her story teaches me personally that it is not just enough to be all about school. You can excel in other things.
Let’s get to this

  • I only know you as Lade Tawak; psychology student. I know there is more. Please let us in. My name is Oluwadeaduramilade (best conversation starter) and once ASUU calls off the strike, I’ll write my final exams at Unilag. I am also the current Licensee for TEDxUnilag and a cofounder of BookBarterCo. I started BookBarterCo because of my love for books. I love food. I am curious about a lot of things that is why I read almost everything. I like to write and I am starting to become more comfortable with calling myself a writer. One of the reasons I chose to study Psychology was because humans are fascinating and I wanted to understand why people behave the way they do. Somewhere in my life, I fell in love with research. I’ve found a way to bridge a number of my favourite things (psychology, research, meeting people and tech) as a user experience researcher. I am a Christian and a feminist and no I don’t think these two are mutually exclusive. I am passionate about women’s rights, sexual and reproductive rights, education and mental health, and I like to talk about internship and employability with other young people.

-I got to know you through Book Barter. I was really impressed. What is the story behind it? BookBarterCo started for me 4 years ago. Like I mentioned before, I love books. I got to a point where I wanted to trade books with people, but all these services I could find were only for people in the US. I decided to start my own thing. At first I didn’t do anything with it and it was just an idea and I left it in my head. Sometimes later, I started to want to trade books again so I spoke with some friends and I was able to get a stand at TPL. So whenever I was attending TPL, I’d do the whole BookBarter thing.

Last year, my friend Denike joined me and we started hosting events. First silent book parties and in February this year we had a Speed Dating event in conjunction with Grill and Read. We took a break and put BookBarterCo on hold for a number of reasons. Mostly because there was no time- I started my final year and I had a full time job and Denike was also busy with work. We couldn’t find a consistent and convenient venue to hold our event and to be honest, funds were a problem. Right now, we’re working on a plan to relaunch next year.

– I was dazed when I realized that you are a scholar. You also excel in other fields. How do you balance everything? Balancing is hard. There’s the tendency to think that you can do everything and you take on too much work and something starts to suffer. I don’t have any shattering life changing answer to this question because I am still trying to figure it out myself.
Sometimes I try to organize my life and plan everything I’ll do every day. I write everything I need to do down. I plan for outings and meetings days ahead – it’s very rare that someone invites me to something the day before and I’ll go. I put everything in Google calendar. I surround myself with people who keep me accountable.
All of these work out sometimes, but most of the time I tend to procrastinate and then struggle to meet up with all of my responsibilities on time. There are so many times I have left school assignments to the last minute or I won’t prepare for a test till the day before. Just two weeks ago, I was finishing up my project and I was barely sleeping or eating because I had only two days to the deadline my supervisor gave and I had left it to the last minute.

– Is Psychology your passion? Absolutely, I decided on studying Psychology in JSS3. Although, after that time, I flirted with other possibilities – Economics, Political Science, Mathematics – I just couldn’t picture myself studying anything else. One reason I wanted to study it was also to help people, so I was leaning towards Clinical Psychology. But when I started university, I realized what I really enjoyed was Social Psychology and Research and Data Analysis (I love statistics).

-I low-key stalk you..(lol) I realized you go for awesome book events. How do you make that happen? I follow a lot of writers and other literary people on Twitter and I subscribe to sites like Brittle Paper and like event listing sites like Nothing To Do in Lagos. Also, a lot of my friends are writers. With all these, I am bound to find one book event or another.

– I know you have met Chimamnda Ngozi Adichie. How was that moment for you? I met her at hackathon that was happening at my office, which was very surprising for me because it was a very tech thing and I had always imagined I’d meet her at a literary or book themed event. Chimamanda is one of my favourite people because of her politics and one of my favourite books of all time is Purple Hibiscus. Meeting her was a very exciting moment although we didn’t really get to talk because she had to leave. Hopefully, we meet again sometime soon and we talk about feminism and writing 🙂

-Are you your goals yet? No. There’s is so much I want to achieve and I don’t think I have even cracked the surface yet. There are so many project ideas I keep having and finding time to execute them is difficult. I’m learning to prioritize and focus on the nearer goals like graduating with a first class as opposed to focusing on long term one of being a Professor of Psychology. Like writing something every day as opposed to the big goal of 100 pieces for 2017 that I set for myself earlier in the year (by the way, that one isn’t going really well. I’ve only done 21 posts).

-What inspires you? People. By their actions, and their words, many people have inspired me. Whether to do something or to write something that either follows their example or oppose what they stand for.

– Four things you do every day. I don’t think my life is organized enough for me to have that many things I do every day. I don’t even eat every day. Hmmmm. I pray every day. Read my bible every day. Read (whether articles or books) every day.

– Where is your favourite place to be? In my bed (when there’s electricity) But other than that, I don’t really have a favourite place.

-Your top five songs currently. In no particular order:
Symphony – Clean Bandit (feat Zara Larsson)
Wo – Olamide
Bodak Yellow – Cardi B
Informate – Dj Kywise x Tiwa Savage
Uncle Suru – Jon Ogah (feat Adekunle God x Simi)

Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola is an avid reader who carries a book around every where. A writer, lover of all things beautiful, believer,inbound Marketing Strategist and a budding psychologist.


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  2. Titilayo says:

    I want to say something and I don’t know what to say at the same time. Bravo girl! Watching and reading how you balance things comes with so much inspiration.It isn’t just about this post which is amazing. Your passion for ensuring equilibrium in your education, spirituality, social life and of course your writing inspires me. I don’t know how you maintain your motivation in all these areas so I want to say well done and thank you because it allows some of us review our lives from time to time in order not be complacent. God bless you love

  3. Nosakhare Edokpayi says:

    I’m not really into books, so I’m not really excited like u guys are, but I know how it feels to be passionate about something. I can feel urs and all a can say is, keep it up! U are really gonna go places and ppl will also adore nd admire u Funmi. Well done

  4. Aye! Loved this, looking forward to more from this column 🙂

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