Chai Tang Restaurant Review  – My First Chinese Food Experience

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Chai Tang Restaurant Review

I had my first Chinese food at Chai Tang last month. No, I had no plans to visit anytime soon, I was always going to try Chinese food anyways but it was not high on my list.

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

Shall we?

I went to Chai Tang the same day I went to Rufus and Bee, they are both housed in the same building, as well as other outlets;  788 on the Sea food, Filmhouse Cinemas and others.

Chai Tang is a Chinese- Asian restaurant located at Twin Waters Okunde Bluewater  Zone off Remi Olowude Road, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Opening hours (Mon- Sun: 12pm- 10.30pm).

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

Honestly, Chai Tang was not even on my list of places to go (yes, I have a list). I also did not plan to go the prior to planning for Rufus and Bee, I make plans before I go to places. I also tend to look for the best deals and ways to save money while having fun. On that particular day, favour shone its bright teeth at our side and we ended up having dinner at Chai Tang Restaurant.  Also, I hope to make a post on how to fulfill your exploring/going out/balling dreams even as a student on a budget. I get questions and assumptions from people, saying “rich babe, big girl”. Please dears, I am rich in Christ and I have just found a way around these things.

Back to Chai Tang

When I was informed that  I would be going to Chai Tang, I was looking forward to my experience at Chai Tang because:

  • It was going to be my first Chinese experience
  • I knew we were going to an aesthetically-pleasing place

Was I disappointed? Did Chai Tang meet my expectations? Stick around to find out!

Initially, I was not going to write about my experience at Chai Tang but my friend kept urging me to go for it, I did not explore this restaurant like other places I have been to, I did not take enough pictures of the space.

The Food

We were first served water (I was thirsty!!!), then we were served complimentary peanuts, it was not the regular peanuts but I did not bother trying it. Our starter, spring rolls came in with sauce, we had chicken spring rolls which I hated, I tried it with the sauce and it did not do it for me. I kept asking myself if it was supposed to taste like that or???

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

I am big on small chops and I had eaten tastier spring rolls earlier. Some of my friends liked the spring rolls though. Then, the waiter served our drinks, we all had Chapman, I really liked the Chapman and drank almost half of it before the main food was served. We had the special rice, fried rice, stir fried beef,  and sizzling chicken that was served dramatically, karamo

Chai Tang Restaurant Review


Chai Tang Restaurant Review


Chai Tang Restaurant Review

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

Chai Tang Restaurant Review


It took a while for us to get our main meal but what we had earlier and our curiosity about the place held us down.

I am just opening up to trying new food and was somewhat nervous about the whole thing. When it came to the rice, I liked what I tasted but I started to get overwhelm after a point, the Chapman was filling and I drank almost half before eating, I also drank a lot of water before then (stay hydrated), I could not do a lot of eating. For something that had not eaten Chinese food before, I would say it was pleasant. It suddenly would not move to the list of what I eat everyday but it is something I will definitely warm up to.

Even for a group of four, the food was a lot. I will recommend going with a friend or friend(s). I know I say it a lot especially when it comes with going out. I love SOLO trips but there are also money saving advantages of going out with your tribe.

Prices & Menu

The chapman was ₦2,000 each, chicken spring rolls ₦600 each, water was ₦800 each, house special rice ₦6,200 per bowl, fried rice was ₦5,500, sizzling chicken was ₦6,800, and stir fried beef ₦6800.

Chai Tang Menu

Chai Tang Restaurant Menu

Chai Tang Restaurant Menu

Chai Tang Restaurant Menu

Chai Tang Restaurant Menu

There is a dress code for Chai Tang, some of which are : no ripped or torn clothing, active sportswear and rubber slippers are permitted. You can check out other information about Chai Tang here, (their full menu, dress code). PS: I was not aware of the dress code before going there.

Things I liked about Chai Tang

  • The customer service was great, we loved them. It was on-point!
  • It was well spaced.
  • The food presentation.
  • I liked the details.
  • I liked the ocean view.
  • I liked how I was not aware of what I was really eating till I finished because I felt I would have over-thought about it.
  • The aesthetics was elegant but I would not say I loved the aesthetics, but it is a beautiful place anyway.


From an extended family having dinner to a young family spending Sunday evening with their kids, to young women just having a good time, Chai Tang is a restaurant for everyone.

I liked the overall experience at Chai Tang,  I was surrounded by magnificence, Chinese arts were splattered around me. It gave me a posh vibe and I love that.

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

Photo Credit: Twinwaters

What my friend had to say:

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

For my first time eating Chinese food, it was just there. I liked the spring rolls. The stir fried beef was yum! I liked the customer service but I would  advice anyone to sit at the right wing instead.

Would I go back to Chai Tang?

Yes, as I mentioned before, I did not explore the restaurant like I usually do. I will try new things and explore the space more.

Chai Tang Restaurant Review

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