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November 29, 2017
Love, Romance and Overthinking
The Journey of Feelings, Love, Romance and Overthinking
December 15, 2017

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One of my survival kits in life is a ‘Planner’. I plan a lot and I need to write things down. I don’t use a digital planner because it doesn’t work well for me. I used to have a diary until recently. I still do but I have not written something lately. What changed with diary keeping was that this year I started with ‘bullet journal’. Learn more about bullet journal here.

I recently stumbled on my 2016 journal. I was involved in a weekly gratitude thing. This was the prompt for the 50th week of the year. In 2016, I shared lessons I learnt which ironically still applies this year.

Lessons learned this year.

  • I am grateful to God for 2016. He has been faithful, is faithful and will forever remain faithful. Sure, 2016 has taught me a lot of things I do hope I remember them:
    God is everything: it’s in him we find peace, the world has enough trouble but God has his way of letting peace flow in our lives.
  • Power of Network; Mingle, make friends, know people, you never know who knows someone that knows someone.
  • Motivation will help you get started but discipline and consistency will keep you going.
  • Put the phone down; put the phone down and get the work done. (I still haven’t put the phone down)
  • Give in your all: put in your best to ensure things work out for you.
  • Always look good: The Ikeja City Mall issue for example. Lol!  Always be your best, look your best. It goes a long way. (The inside story; earlier that year, I went to drop something off at my uncle’s with my younger brother. To my greatest surprise he told us go to the Mall. I was way under-dressed. I was beyond embarrassed that day)
  • Don’t go with the over-familiarity party: a little bit should be left for people’s guess or conclusion.
  • Go with your flow: People who seem better than you will try to intimidate you but you are you. Just shine in your own lane.
  • Get better: It can only get better for you so work towards getting better at everything.
  • Read more, watch movies: Let the tears flow, get happy at characters, feel everything you want to feel.  They are your feelings. (Yipee!  I read more this year)
  • Plan, organize and stick to it: It helps a great deal honestly.
  • God is love! Thankful for his mercies.

As a creative person, it is vital to organize. Personally, it is how I function. At the end of every month, I have ‘memories page’ where I share my highlights of the month. It’s always beautiful to look at months later.


March Memories page with the book I am currently reading

I am planning on getting a 2018 planner. Do you have recommendations?

PS: Have you joined the challenge? Check here to find out more

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