Final Year Blues

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April 16, 2019
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June 21, 2019
Final Year Blues

As memories waft to my consciousness, I remember when I made this post on the reason I picked psychology. Now, I am in my final year and the weight of that decision (total read that post, if you have not) has settled in completely, coupled with others.

I came into this year/ semester with the intention of soaking up every bit and enjoying it, keeping up with the energy January welcomed me with and living my best life. I hated how people unconsciously treated the last phase of something with the same energy exerted to the month of December. The last phase of a thing becomes a countdown to the next, which is a good thing. However, there is a lot in December that we do not get to explore because we are just focused on using it as a bridge to the New Year.

Final Year Blues

I knew I did not want to have that kind of relationship with my final year. Yes, I understood that it served as a bridge to the next phase but I also knew it was an experience of its own.

In reality, I did not always stick to the plan. I have been clouded by uncertainties that just made wish the phase was over; I have mumbled several ‘I can’t wait to’, struggled to get through some days. I have also enjoyed better days. I think one thing that this final phase comes with is the true realization that everything will end soon, it makes you question your decisions, actions and makes me reflect.

I noticed that my final year attached a string where I lacked motivation for other things. With my knowledge of psychology, I understand that motivation is the energizing force behind an action and could be intrinsic or extrinsic. Most of the things I was doing outside school can be attributed to intrinsic motivation, even after a point, I began to question everything I was involved in, impostor syndrome flashed its ugly teeth at me. Every other thing I was involved in (my creative side) became more difficult. It was a chore posting on Instagram, writing reviews and blogging.  This explains my absence here and other spaces. I am better now, I don’t really know what changed but I am grateful to God for always being constant through changing seasons.

I have a semester left; there are loads of activities in the last semester of final year. I want to document it and I hope I do by God’s grace. There was a point that I felt I was always going on about being in university, final year and all. I came to the realization that, even though millions have been in final year or graduated from the university, this is my own story, MY JOURNEY. I have benefited from other people sharing their stories, I have been inspired, found a common ground or generally appreciated their transparency. Maybe in a tiny way, I could reflect this too.

I am sending love and strength to everyone in their final phase of school, project, training, whatever it might be. You are capable of finishing strong, whole and with a sound mind. You will thrive. Also, for other in various levels in the university or life stages: keep doing and enjoy every moment.

               Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.- 1 Thessalonians 5:24


Places I have been to: I visited to Olumo rock in May (more of a class trip) but did not write about it. Honestly, I was just over it then. It was a beautiful experience for me.

Final Year Blues

Final Year Blues

Final Year Blues

Final Year Blues

Final Year Blues


Final Year Blues

Final Year Blues


My friend also celebrated her birthday at Unusual Cuisine, Restaurant. It is located at 8D Layi Yusuf Street, Lekki Phase I, Lagos. It is a beautiful space and also relatively affordable. You can read full review of other places I have been to here.

Final Year Blues

Currently reading: The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma.

Currently obsessed with: Skincare and skincare routine.

Do have a great weekend.


  1. Joshua says:

    I could still remember how we met; freshers group chat, November 2015. When I got frustrated with screening, you talked me in. Today, we are in our finals.
    Thanks for lending me your texts on PSY 101, that course would have been terrible if not for you. You’ve been such a lovely friend.
    You’re highly intelligent and very brilliant, words don’t fail you. You’ll continue to impress us!
    Thanks for everything Lady Funmi, and happy final semester! 🙌 🙌 🙌

    • Omg! I can’t believe you remember everything. I also remember how you sent Ayo to me when I was sick in my first year. Thank you, Joshua. For your kind words and for reading. Happy finals 🎉🎉

  2. Akinz says:

    God. I cry upon you for such talent, such creativity, such originally. Even though I can’t write a simple composition about myself, I thank you for this woman. And
    My final semester na small by God’s Grace

  3. Olugbade Balkis says:

    I’m so glad to know I’m not alone on these thoughts. The motivation to do things dwindled. Sometimes I’m not motivated, sometimes I’m tired and I just want to give but I have to keep pushing, sometimes I just can’t wait to get it over with. Sending love and light to everyone in their final year. We will thrive!

  4. Elsy says:

    This is a beautiful write up that everyone approaching this phase or in any phase of his or her life should read. I could relate with every bit of it. Thanks Funmi.

  5. Christine says:

    I’ve always looked forward to reading your write-ups girl…here I am now, I just stumbled into it. I attest to all you’ve penned down ..they are all true. But then, the hope is alive especially as we get to the finish line (automatically, a starting point for another phase of life)😊😊😊

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