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Gift Guide For Book Lovers

There is always a reason to celebrate that special person in your life, your sibling, co-worker or friend that is also a book lover, hence the reason for this post on gift guide for book lovers. You might not be big on books like the person you want to get the gift for or you might just be out of ideas on what to buy for that person.

Buying books for your book loving friend/lover/sibling/family member is good but there are a variety of things you can choose from in this gift guide for book lovers. This gift guide for book lovers also covers all budget sizes, whether your budget is small or medium or above and beyond you will find something in this gift guide for book lovers.

Gifts for a book lover

Book sleeves – Book sleeves or gloves are basically protection for hardcover or paperback books. They prevent the book from further wear by providing a cushion especially when it’s in a bag. Your book loving friend will totally appreciate this gift. This is great for people that read hardcovers/paperbacks and take them out also. My blogger friend, Lara just started her book gloves collection, you can get her book gloves here.

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Scented candles – If the person you are buying scented candles for is a bookstagramer, this will come in handy because it makes a great prop in pictures. It is also good for a great reading time. There are various stores that sell online candles in Nigeria.

Mug – No, not just any mug, something that has book lover vibes all over it. Don’t just present a plain mug to your friend. Add a bookish twist to it.

Gift Guide For Book Lovers

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Bookmarks – Bookmarks come in sizes and styles. There are unique ones that your book loving friend will always remember you for.

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Journals, reading logs I try to avoid stereotypes but it is most likely for your book loving friend to like journals, planners and reading logs. A journal that suits the person’s style will be appreciated.


Tote Bag Tote bags can never go out of style, tote bag with a bookish saying or quote might be all that your friend or you need.

Gift Guide For Book LoversTote Bag From @o_yemcollections


Book Vouchers I know book stores in Nigeria that have book vouchers which can also serve as a gift. Instead of buying books your friend might not like, a book voucher can be presented instead. You are silently saying, “I really want to buy you books but I want you to pick the ones you want”


Signed copy of a book  Make that extra effort to get that book signed by your friend’s favourite author, present it and watch as your friend gets excited on the discovery.

Gift Guide For Book Lovers


Tees or sweaters What speaks more boldly than a tee or sweat shirt with a bookish saying on it. You can make it more special by buying a shirt in your friend’s favourite colour and with a favourite quote.

Gift Guide For Book Lovers

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First print edition If your friend is a lover of classics, first print editions will hold so much meaning to him/her. You can get an author’s collection or a personal favourite.


Reading Lamp Especially in a country like ours, a reading lamp is a thoughtful gift for a book loving friend. Book lovers read past their bed time, this is a brilliant gift.


Letter board/ Framed Words With Their Favourite Bookish Quote – If you know your friend’s favourite quote from a book or general quote, why not frame it? Or get a letter board with those words on it.

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Gift Guide Fod Book Lovers

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Clear up their tbr pile – Most book lovers have an unending list of books they want to get, you can ask your friend for the top 5/10 books that he/she really wants to get. This is better than buying a random book because your friend might collect the book politely and never read it.


Gift box – There are some items listed above (scented candles, mug, vouchers, stationery) amongst other things that can fit in a box. You can get a gift box or curate one based on your friend’s taste.

Gift Guide For Book Lovers

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Online reading app subscription – A lot of money goes into buying books. Your friend will be flooded with relief when you offer to pay off some months for his/her reading subscription. While this gift might not be tangible, it is thoughtful and impactful. Most people believe book buying stops at the bookstore but Audible/Scribd are witnesses that book buying still goes on.


Kindle/tab- A kindle is an e-reader which is designed and marketed by Amazon, gifting a friend a kindle or tablet is a great way of encouraging their ebook journey (if they have started) and introducing them to it, if they have not.

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Tickets to book festivals or events – Every year, different book events and major book festivals are held. These things are not cheap and trust me when I say your friend will be elated when you decide to gift him/her with tickets.


Book shelf –  I will not advise you get a book shelf for someone without proper knowledge of basic things like the house he/she lives in, if they already own a book shelf, their house colour theme. This will make a great gift for a book loving sibling or partner but make sure you run several background checks to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Gift Guide For Book Lovers

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Literary Hotels – This screams ‘over the top’ but there are literary hotels in different places of the world each with its own quirkiness. There are some with book butlers, others boast of hotel rooms named after famous authors. This will be one experience your friend or you (if you decide to gift yourself) will never forget. I will be compiling a list of literary hotels across the world, watch out for it.

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What gift listed in this gift guide for book lovers do you want to get?


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