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Baller, big girl

Those are the kind of messages I get when I post a picture of myself somewhere new, I get this a lot from my student friends especially, I get it. Honestly, I do. My 100/200 level self just wanted to go to the university, get the degree and graduate. I still want all those things but I also want to live. Over the years, I have grown to know things I like, things that put me in a state of exuberance and one of which is going to new places, exploring and discovering new things. This discovery was countering everything I believed myself to be, I’d rather be on my bed than go out but at the end of the day, I wanted to explore new places in my city too.

My goal last year was to visit a new place in Lagos every month, I did not go hard on this goal but was able to visit some places. I paid attention to things I implemented that made it work and this year, I have tweaked many things and I like the kind of energy I have this year for things I want to do. That energy is called, being intentional.

DISCLAIMER: I know that there are different factors that affect everyone, the city you are in might not be enabling, current stage in life and a whole lot of things. However, I think these tips might be beneficial across other areas too.

Also, going out and exploring is subjective to every individual, I won’t say that I have gone to a LOT of places but the few I have been to, these are the things I noticed that made it happen.

A Questions for you:

What is your why?

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” – Wayne Dyer

Why do you want to explore places, go out more? Is there a purpose attached to it? First, I enjoy it, I love collecting memories and I also enjoying sharing my experiences here. Your reasons do not have to be a jaw dropping or something grandiose, but understanding the reason attached to it will help you become more intentional.


-Have a list: Before my account balance levels up to the size I can travel outside the country, I want to explore and visit places in Lagos and my immediate environment first. Hence, I have a list of places I want to go to, I check out their prices, read about them, do my mini research, group places that are closer together and just have a mental picture of things I want to do. For instance, I have paintballing on my list, dining at Circa Non Pareil  and so many others.

-Plan ahead: Even though I end up going to some places spontaneously, most of the places I have visited have been planned ahead of time. I am big on planning and it helps me a whole lot. I understand that for me, I tend to be mindless when I don’t plan ahead. At the end of the day, I won’t do anything when I am mindless. Planning works!

-Time: Time is important. There are also various aspects to time. First, what time will work for you? I usually have more time at the beginning of the semester compared to the middle or end of the semester, I usually plan to go out more around this period. You can also google opening and closing hours of the place you want to visit. Around what period would you like to go there? Busy hours? When it is opening up? I like when a restaurant or place is less busy, I usually target going around this period. Figure out the time that works for you.

-Finances:  All this talk or plan without money is useless. Money is an important factor in going out. You need money to back up your plans. The plain truth is that, going out cost money, most times it is not cheap but it depends on what or where you are going to but dear, you are going to spend money.

One of the reasons I first mentioned understanding the reason or your why is because, once you don’t understand why you want to go out more, spending money to go out will be like a waste to you.  You will start thinking about 1234567890 things you are supposed to be doing with the money. Am I supporting wasting your money anyhow? No! What I am saying is, if you actually want to explore places, you will eventually spend money. Set the money aside and actually do it. Since I make plans ahead of time, I also make effort to save for it too. I don’t see it as a waste of my money, I enjoy it, I like it and it is important to me. Spend your money wisely but don’t let anyone make you feel stupid for spending your -money to do something you enjoy. Don’t let anyone shame you. No dear, you worked for it and you got it 🎵.

-Have like-minded people in your corner: Can I amplify this? Can I talk about this enough? This is such an important point. For the majority of my personality, I am introverted but I know, understand and cherish the importance of having like-minded people in my corner.

Most of the places I have been to, will not have been possible without my friends. From the joy of going to a new place with your friends, having someone to take bomb pictures of you, splitting cab fares, food and more.

The downside to planning with people is that, disappointment is inevitable in most cases and this could be quite discouraging. If you can plan with your friends, do but don’t allow people to delay you unnecessarily. If it comes to you doing it alone, go for it.

I also want to SOLO to some places in future but before then, I will keep enjoying the company.

Read reviews, check out the place Instagram for deals: Read reviews of places you want to go to, read and read. Check out their prices and plan for a little more because (change is constant). You can also check out for deals or discount on the brand Instagram’s page or social media. Be in the know.

Be Intentional:

“Every time we choose action over ease we develop an increasing level of self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence.” – John C. Maxwell

It is easy to digest information but harder to implement. I am still figuring things out and want to be more intentional. If you want to do it, plan and actually do it. Stop making excuses.

By God’s grace, I hope to tick more places off my list before the year runs out, I hope you do it if this is your thing.

What other tips do you have?



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