January Wrap-up: Life Update | What is Next after University?

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January 7, 2020
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February 15, 2020
January Life Update

In a poll I ran on my Instastory last year, I asked for the type of content I should put out and sharing my life experiences was one of the most requested.

If you have not read some posts I made while I was still an undergraduate,  you should totally check it them out. I wrote about the reason I was studying psychology then and also about final year blues. Now that all that is over, everyone keeps asking what is next?

Before answering that I will like to do a quick throwback.

After my final exams in November 2019, for some weird reasons I thought I was going to fail. I was writing my exams in so much fear because I just thought I would ruin it this last time. I was at the edge of finishing my first degree and it felt like I was going to flunk it. I look back at my sign out pictures and saw my fake smile, deep down I was petrified.  The enemy really tried me at that period. I just had to keep faith alive, encourage myself in my journal but deep down I was a whole mess. I surrendered everything to God and waited for my results but fear was still peeking somewhere. Towards the end of my final year, I started applying for jobs around content creation/social media management and I continued doing that well into 2020. I got called for some interviews, did some assessments for some jobs and just kept doing my thing at the side. Looking back at going for job interviews, I will randomly think about the job interviews I went for and feel somehow that I wasted the transport fare; but hey, the experience is good.

I had to forget about my results and university to be  able to focus on my current situation. I got some remote gigs but for some weird reasons I desperately wanted a 9-5. I was actively longing for a 9-5. I did an academic writing job during December which took most of my December but it was rewarding at the end and I also decided to study French in 2020.

Prior to seeing my final results, I watched Lois Evan’s funeral video on YouTube and was moved by her son’s sermon, I had no idea God was using that sermon to prepare me for the next day. To God’s glory I saw my final result and thankfully, I graduated. People that know me might be surprised at the thought that I felt I was not going to graduate but it was real back then. I am grateful to God that I am done with that phase of my life. It is over!

Life lately

Currently, I have a job as an administrator at a major festival in Lagos. The job ends pretty soon because of the nature of the festival but I am grateful for the experience so far.  I won’t say I am ecstatic or looking forward to NYSC (The National Youth Service Corps) but I know it is something I have to do and will do by God’s grace.

I am learning French and I hope to commit more time and practice to it. I am also looking at actively doing something in Psychology to finally decide the field I want to specialize in

What’s next?

Learning, working, being consistent and fulfilling purpose. I will share more details as it unfolds.

What have I read so far?

I cannot even believe I have read just two books so far. I read Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani and Guardian of the Fall by Umari Ayim.

What am I currently reading?

I am reading Piece and Pieces by Paul Ugbede and will share the review when I am done.

Places I have been to in recent times?

I have been to various places recently but my purpose there was work related, I could not review or do any writing about there. I hardly even take pictures but places reviews coming up soon.

Currently obsessed with?

Maverick Music City and Microsoft Excel/Google sheets  for budgeting.

If you are a recent graduate, how has the transition been for you?


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