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February 28, 2018
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March 14, 2018

Late last year, I decided to step up my ‘outing game’ because I realized that I have lived in Lagos for almost two decades and I really don’t know my way around. I even school in Lagos (what a shame). So, I decided to go somewhere relatively important at least once every month in 2018. Prior to this month, my closest attempt to going out more was seeing movies more which I do not consider as going out. I checked my favourite blogs for inspiration. The first place on my list was Lekki Conservation Centre. Well, because it just felt like it even though I am not big on animals. I’m yet to catch the animal bug so I just wanted to go to Lekki Conservation Centre.

This is March and this should be the third post related to this but I have not been true to my goal. My friend celebrated her birthday yesterday and she was celebrating it at Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC). I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to start exploring Lagos.

My Lekki Conservation Centre Story

All things bright and beautiful

Sunday the 11th of March was bright and sunny and maybe a good day for a canopy walk eh? We got there around 1pm and had to wait for a friend.

The funniest and terrifying thing happened while our friend came and brought food for us. Nobody warned us that monkeys would be attracted to the food and come hunting for the food. That’s how we were devouring the food then the first monkey came, we quickly packed and moved to the other side,  then saw another one coming. We knew it was time to to escape. I quickly dropped my tush girl suit and ran. We lost a plate to the monkey sadly but we are all fine. It was terrifying. When we finally were told we could eat at the canteen (the information would have been useful earlier), I was pissed.

Lekki Conservation Centre tips

Where the monkey came chasing, I was too terrified to take a picture later

After Eating, a tour guide briefly explained the history of the park and I can remember he said it is a NGO, we started the walk into the ‘jungle’. It reminded me of Jumanji. It was a long walk to the beginning of the Canopy walk area. The sides of the walkway in the centre was swampy so we had to be careful especially with our belongings.

Lekki Conservation centre

Hello Tour Guide!

Lekki Conservation Centre

Welcome to Jumanji

We got to the canopy walk area and I wasn’t afraid because I didn’t see the point in anticipating fear. The first and the second canopy walk is fine but the third canopy walk area is daunting.  I imagined myself as a dauntless in Divergent. I had to keep a straight look because looking down would be the end. The people in my group were really cool but the group before us had this man that was terrified but masked his fear by teasing his friend. He even started singing a gospel song at a point.

Lekki Conservation Centre

In the beniging, in the beniging, in the beginning

Lekki conservation centre canopy walk

We are dauntless!

Lekki Conservation Centre

How high can you go?

Lekki Conseravation Centre

Just let me have this moment

We finished the walk in what seems like forever then proceeded to the tree house area but we chickened out because we saw monkeys. It was a whole bunch. I was not on that journey again. We couldn’t get into the family park area (where people take that famous chess picture) because  we were told from people the whole package would be 2000 but it’s actually 3000 per head for the full package (I don’t know if it’s because of weekend).

We actually got lost at a point, found our way then was too tired to try anything else. The organization should help ‘put out visible directions because ‘man can get lost’. The canopy walk was fun!!!

Look who monkeys couldn’t stay away from

 Lekki Conservation Centre Tips

-Eat in the canteen; you don’t even want to get in a chase with monkeys.

-Little or no makeup will do (depends on the time of the day you go)

  • The park closes by 5pm so go early. What are you looking for in a place with snakes after 5pm?

-Try the canopy walk but don’t look down. That’s where the fear factor will develop. Also, the people you go with might have an impact on your journey.

-Wear something comfortable and comfortable shoes too.

-Pay attention to what the tour guide has to say.

-To maximize the fun, go with your friends.

I’d like to go to the family park someday, have you been to Lekki Conservation Centre? If yes, tell me about it.

PS: I didn’t even take an animal picture. So much for going to  Lekki conservation centre.





  1. 😂😂😂 the part where we were looking for how to get out

  2. Azeeza says:

    Shebi you would have bought for the monkeys. Friendly Monkeys 😂

  3. Wuraola says:

    They Ola to carry her coke,she said “I dash the the monkey”.

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