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The Journey of Feelings, Love, Romance and Overthinking
December 15, 2017
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December 21, 2017
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We have not done this in a while. Howdy, how has it been? Have you checked out the last let’s talk real life post here? Let’s do this.

BROKEN PHONE: My phone crashed earlier this month and I really thought I could handle it but yesterday I terribly missed my phone. Talking to people that really mattered, sharing excerpts of the book I was reading, sharing something I really liked on the gram. After a week, it really hit me and it just exposed how attached I was to my phone. It also made me realize that my relationship with some people is actually phone-based, nothing more. For others, it is a solid relationship. I am yet to replace it so I have to deal with it. The heart breaking part is that, the celebrating greatness post I was meant to post this month is on my phone. I didn’t back it up so for now, I am stuck until maybe I contact the person I interviewed. On the good side, it made me read more. There is nothing to do really. (of course there is but a girl needs a break).

THIS IS IT: I discovered this web series on YouTube after seeing clips on Instagram, I was angry that nobody told me about it personally but later I was grateful that nobody did because I liked that I watched it this year. If you like hearts and flowers, if you are a mushy person, if you like things that give you hope, if you like to scream goals, if you like beautiful things. This is the movie for you. I watch it every time especially now that there is no smart phone. It is my best web series ever. Also, if you watch Skinny Girl in Transit, this is the series for you. You need to watch it. Please, if you need more convincing, check out Cassie Daves post.

READING GOAL: We are not doing well on the reading goal, I am on my 34th book of the year. It is the 51st week but it is what it is. I am happy anyways. I am reading Mr. and Mrs. Doctor by Julie Iromuanya. I got it free coupled with three other books from the good people of 9mobile at Ake festival. I need to publish my Ake Festival post ASAP.

BOYFRIEND WAHALA: There was a point in my life that I was so obsessed with having a boyfriend. It’s not like I am too young or anything but the obsession was scary. I am not the kind of person that goes around screaming these things but I was obsessed with the thought. It was becoming a problem to me and I wanted out. Then God gave me a word; Ecclesiastes 3:11

11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time

That just settled everything, it was everything.

Merry Christmas in Advance



  1. Toluwani says:

    Awwn….I love this write up…I have missed your beautiful lovely write ups o❤

  2. Dikachi says:

    love this! Sorry bout your phone 😔

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