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February 6, 2018
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February 28, 2018

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It’s Raining: Life is fleeting. This space is exhilarating. There is this feeling of happiness and complete gratitude. It’s raining right now and it is beautiful. It’s 2:59am and I should be asleep but this is long overdue.Thank you for always coming up here even with my inconsistency with this space. I am happy about so many things. I have spent the last few hours reading 29, single and Nigerian please read it, reading about naijasinglegirl, checking out the cast of black panther and just basically living on Instagram. There is so much to be angry about especially in Nigeria but I am not saying I am going to close my eyes to that but I am going to look above that. I recently got old songs I had always wanted to get and it’s a beautiful feeling. I close my eyes and I want to have thick blankets, covered up, eating Maryland cookies, seeing a movie in between finishing 29, Single and Nigerian.

BLACK PANTHER: I am not even writing a review about the movie, you should be tired of that if you haven’t seen it already. First, I saw it for free (courtesy 9mobile). It was a beautiful experience for me and I must add a different one. I am not a Marvel person. Trust me, I don’t know jack about captain America or whatever but black panther made me feel interested enough to want to know it. I wish I could capture  how I felt seeing it. It was indescribable. Let me clear the air about why some people may ask why the black community is so hyped. The short answer is: we are just excited that the representation is on another level. (I love T’challa guys). Totally Random: When T’challa (Chadwick Boseman) makes a video on Instagram and he goes ‘hello, this is Chadwick Boseman’ I am like really, we know who you are.

RHH: It’s Royal Hibiscus Hotel, I have been excited about seeing this movie for a while. I am not going to lie I love movies that give me hope in this life and I think Zainab Balogun is a brilliant actor. The dinner at Eko Hotel blew my mind honestly and I was just lost in thought. This season should make you stop at the cinema even if you don’t like to.

LUPITA NYONG’O: There is this fierceness about her that is wholly inspiring and guess what, she is going to be in our face for a while. She will be playing Trevor Noah’s mother in Born a crime and she has ‘movie plans’ for Chimamanda’s novel ‘Americanah’.

CELEBRATING GREATNESS: Celebrating greatness is back and it’s now the last day of every month not every Wednesday anymore. I really hope you enjoy the first feature of this year.

BOOKS: 29, Nigerian and single deserves a blog post and I am going to write a review about it definitely.

Have you seen black panther and how is the reading plan going?

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