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July 14, 2017
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July 19, 2017


I never saw the point in “exaggerated laughter” in cinemas. Most times I felt people laughed because others were doing so. With picture perfect, it was different. It was a first. Let me be cliché and say if this movie doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t have what will. The humour of the characters got me and made me fall in love with the movie at an early stage.

In what seemed to be a predictable storyline (but wasn’t), the character that stood out for me was Bolanle Ninalowo who played world famous Jobe; an agbero. It was like the goddess of movies tailor-made that character for him. He did a 360 turn from the obnoxious character in Husbands of Lagos to an agbero who ordinarily you should not like but you have no choice but to.

Let me stop philandering about. You will get this when you watch the movie winks.

A high grade well to do tailor (fashion designer before ‘our people’ come for me) accidentally crosses path with an agbero. Imagine the level – Vera Wang to an ordinary agbero!  “That won’t go well”, you are probably thinking. Fortunately, they start on a fairly good note but things take a different turn the next day when our madam fashion designer; Kunbi failed to honour Jobe rightly in his domain after he saved her from would be assailants. Jobe who actually needs to add stalking to his resume made sure the relationship continued. The question is, “is our fashion designer fine with Mr Jobe lurking around?”.

How life happened in Picture Perfect is the reason you should see it. The sharp transition of scenes kept the story line clean, understandable and close-knit, it was fun reading the translations to Jobe’s slangs & never ending English lessons (laughs in sacrasm). I strongly believe the cast did a great job. It wasn’t exaggerated. The tailor wore her designs which scores another point for originality and Nigerianism. Kiksy; Kunbi’s friend played by everyone’s favourite Bisola Aiyeola was that friend who is totally different from you but completes you.

The end = Epic

Yes! I recommend Picture Perfect if you want to have a memorable day. If you are feeling one type of way and you want to feel better. If you just want to have a good time. It is not just filled with relatable comedy but it’s also full of substance.  Besides, what is a Nigerian movie without moral lessons?

Even between the laughter I learnt that there are times when things don’t always go as imagined but that’s why it’s LIFE. Make good use of what happens. See the rainbow after the rain.

Stop PHILANDERING about. Go see picture perfect.



Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola Ogunseye
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