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August 1, 2018
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September 5, 2018

If you have been following my explore Lagos series, you will notice that I’ve mentioned how uncomfortable I feel not exploring places. Together, we have been to Lekki Conservation Centre, Nike Art Gallery, Terrakulture and Apapa Amusement Park.

Few days ago, I updated my life ambition via WhatsApp. I want to be a traveler. In primary school, I wanted to be a doctor, in secondary school an accountant, I am currently studying to be a psychologist, now traveler? Girl, you’re not getting younger you should get your life together.

I know! I know! The thought was so random. Although, I’m not going to deny the influence of a travel agency I recently saw on Instagram on that decision. By God’s grace, I’ll progress to be a licensed psychologist by getting my Masters after my B.Sc. I like psychology. It’s something I’m happy doing. (School is stressful btw) Ultimately, I want to be able to travel to places on a regular.

I have considered the pros and cons of this thought. It is such a beautiful thing to see the world from various cultures, races and places. I love the idea. I’ve only been to Benin Republic and I was planning a trip to Ghana later this year but I don’t know the plausibility of that again.

Trip to Bene Republic

It’s one thing to want to travel, it’s another thing to be able to afford it. After I posted it, I really thought about finances. In the first place, nobody sent me message. I should get my grip on it. It makes zero sense to be in Bora Bora on my life savings then I’ll go back to start hustling again. If I really want to make it a reality, I need to figure that out.

I really do hope that I am able to incorporate it, somewhere in my life’s journey. Right now, if you inquired about my dream job. I would reply travel blogging. It might seem like the lazy option out and seem ‘unrealistic’ but I’m just projecting my feelings now. 

At the end of the day, as my friend Wura said, “Your imagination doesn’t cost you anything so why can’t you dream big”

Do you like the idea of traveling the world?




  1. Wuraola says:

    Good girl,copyright is very important.when you start traveling please can I tag along,I asked first oo✌🏽

  2. thattokelady says:

    Babygirl! Nobody have this life figured out, I have tried many things believe me but the good thing about life is that you can try as much as you like till you really figure out the one worth sweating for. All my life I’ve replied I love traveling to all what is your hobby questions.
    Here I am today actualising that dream.
    If you love it you can do it

  3. You know I recently thought about that but I was going to start with Nigeria. I’m yet to explore my own country. But yeah, I’ll love to travel the world. 😱 Thinking about it now sends a tingly feeling down my body. I really love the idea.

    And Yeah always dream. I’m a dreamer and I think it’s affecting me

  4. Uchechukwu Oguike says:

    Yes yes yes! Travelling is not only culturally and socially enriching, it is personally satisfying. I have visited 6 African countries withing the past 5 years. I have met people from 40 out of the 54 African countries. Trust me, i have never come to love myself and Africa more. The inherent similarity present in the diversity of these nations is overwhelming. Strikingly, i didn’t find myself too different from the average South African, Ghanian or Ethiopian. If the world is our home, then find your bed in the deep ends.

  5. Ayo Ladipo says:

    Travelling is what I want to do for the rest of my life!!! And it brings me to how to make the money to actualise this dream. Because Ehn. It is deathly expensive.

  6. Barakah says:

    Yes dear I really understand that feeling buh they don’t get. The sky is not your limit

  7. Olumilua Rebecca says:

    Good read, you remind me of my wish list while in secondary school. Still my life wish though, I am travelling the world lolz. I started with Ghana though, next stop unknown…

  8. Busayo says:

    I think one should be serious with something first….it is that one thing you are serious with that takes u around the world.

  9. Chidera ozomma says:

    Really wonderful dear,love your blog. The mere thought of travelling round the world gets me soo excited. For now am faced with problems like school, resources and time..but i would love to travel..nd also when you start travelling tag us along with lots of pics,videos and beautiful write ups..keep it up love.

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