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Ake Festival 2018
Ake Festival 2018 Experience
November 2, 2018
Cordial Killing by Vikki Walton
Book Review-Cordial Killing by Vikki Walton | Book Tour
November 10, 2018
What are you reading in November?

In a post on how to be better at reading, I mentioned that I do this monthly for accountability sake. It helps greatly. I have unofficially reached my reading goal for this year. Why unofficially? Yes, I have read 52 books but I still have books from my reading challenge to read. What helped me finish this early were review copies I got and binging on Scribd when I first discovered it.

I did not meet my reading goal last month. I read 6 books out the original  9, I also read a book I had to review. I was doing really well at the beginning of the month but I fell in a reading slump the week before Ake Festival.

I am still optimistic as ever, I was taking stock and realized that I have 20 books to finish this year. Like what? 20!! I know but I’m not under any pressure. The goal of reading is to learn and enjoy it. There’s no compromising.

Let us go over September and October Reads

October Reads


Non- Fiction: Around the Way Girl: A Memoir by Taraji P. Henson with Denene Millner. I reviewed it on my Instagram.

A Book Everyone Thinks is Bad: I switched things up by reading a book everyone loves. Easy Motion Tourist by Leye Adenle. This is a must-read.

A book by a South African Author: The Story of Anna P as told by Herself by Penny Busetto. I did enjoy reading this book.

A memoir on racism: Dear White People by Justin Simien. This is not a memoir but I believe it is just the best option for this prompt. I reviewed it here.


A book about mental health: React by Tobi Nifesi. I enjoyed this book.  The review is up here.

A book by a local publishing firm: A Gamble With Death by Abraham Kelechi Onouha. This book is published by Naira books. I reviewed the book on the blog, it is a story!


These prompts are largely influenced by last year’s Ake Festival.

Ama Ata Aidoo’s book: I have searched  for her book extensively and have failed to get it. If you do know any seller or have a copy, please let me know. This might be on hold this month.

Chinua Achebe’s book: He is a legend of African Literature. I will be reading Things Fall Apart which I have read before but lazily.

Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s book: In The Name Of The Mother: Reflections on Writers and Empire. This is not one of his popular titles but this is what I found on Scribd.

Buchi Emecheta’s book: In my second year, my roommate gave me a copy of The Joys of Motherhood which I have never finished. I plan to change that status soon.

Other books I might read: 

A book on politics: The President That Never Ruled by Jamiu Abiola. I was supposed to finish this book last month but here we are again.

A book published in 1960: This prompt is in honour of Nigeria’s Independence but I have the problem with getting a Nigerian book published that year and its availability to me.  I will be reading Longthroat Memoirs: Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds, though not published in that year but still celebrates an aspect of the Nigerian culture. I read great reviews about this book but it has been a struggle to finish it.

A book I started but did not finish: A Gecko’s Fairwell by Maik Nwosu

My mind is no longer here by Ifedigbo Nze Sylvia.

Bahati books: I got two review copies from this publisher which I hope to finish this month.

Cordial Killing by Vikki Walton. This is also a review copy for a blog tour coming soon.

I already started some of the books from last month but lost interest in between. I need to do better.

You won’t believe I read four books this month already, totally unrelated to my plan. That’s why I have to do these things early. This is how I function.

It is a lot but we will see! What are you reading in November?

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