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November 20, 2017
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November 29, 2017
The story of a clinical psychology student who has an addiction.
  • A clinical psychologist is addicted
    Every fibre of my being wants you.
    My system drowns in uneasiness when I don’t have you.
    Swiftly, I jumped off the bike to quickly get you, I remind myself of the old woman down the street who has Parkinson disease, my hands shook as I paid for you.
    I was sad that day until we became one.
    The thought of you is like the cloud getting dark during a drought and when I have you in me it is like it start raining.
    My addiction is my happy day.
    You are my undoing.
    It is like ten humans around me.
    Just you can keep me company.
    My years in psychology should help me get over you.
    I am training to help other addicts overcome their obsession.
    Here I am, with my own obsession.
    I can’t imagine the disappointment in my father’s face when he knows that he wasted money sending me to school.
    My clinical psychology teacher might need some sessions to get over the fact that his best student is an addict.
    An addicted psychologist.
    I am in need of you but I know you are bad for me.
    No! Don’t be a part of me
    I can pretend to get over you but you are ubiquitous.
    Now I am sad that I am addicted to something.
    How do I get over you?
    It is certain I will feel better when I have you.
    You see how it works.
    I use you to get over you.
    I know the first step is coming out.
    That’s the only way to break this addiction.
    I can’t come out to my clinical psychology lecturer.
    How will I tell him?
    “Hello sir, please help me!”
    “Please sir, don’t judge me”
    “I am addicted”
    “Fanta is my addiction”


Thank you for reading through. I promised to give a weekly update on how our reading goal is going from this post . The reading goal has not been great so far. To kill a mockingbird is my second read of this week. I want to do more Nigerian fiction novel. What did you think the addiction was? I will like to hear from you.


  1. I thought the addiction was books. Have actually been asking myself the same question for some weeks. What happens when a clinical Psychologist gets addicted? Will her patients start to trigger her? If they trigger her what will she do?

  2. Oluwatobiloba says:

    Smiles* I thought the addiction was romantic love

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