How To Read More Books In 2020

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How To Read More Effectively

I have been associated with books which makes me get a bunch of book related questions. ‘How can I read?’ ‘Can you teach me how to read?’ ‘I used to love reading but I don’t read anymore, why?’ The truth is you actually read everyday; captions, blog posts, Instablog but I understand that the type of reading people ask me about.

I don’t always have answers to these questions but I know that for you to feel a void because you stopped reading means that reading holds meaning to you. Hence, I rounded up tips on how to read more effectively.

But before the discussion on how to read more effectively, ask yourself this question, why am I reading? I learnt somewhere that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. I love and enjoy reading both for knowledgeable reasons and pleasure. That’s why I read. It exposes my mind, opens me up to things I had no idea about.

If you are clear about your reasons for reading. It is important to note the following;

TIME and SOCIAL MEDIA : Reading will not just happen on its own, you have to be INTENTIONAL and set time for it. Thank God we can now know how much time we spend on Instagram but roughly you will know the amount of time you spend on the Internet. I know the internet can be informative but most times, we waste time on Instagram or Twitter by just mindlessly scrolling away. You could finish 3 chapters then.How To Read More Effectively

MAKE USE OF YOUR FREE/LEISURE TIME: Although, I intentionally set out time to read, I also do not joke with reading while commuting or waiting. It helps a lot. Instead of just looking around or scrolling away, read that book. Stop procrastinating, do it now.

WHAT ARE YOU READING: There are times we put ourselves in a box. ‘I only read motivational books, I don’t like anything else’. Then you realize that you have not even read any motivational book you claim to like. Switch things up. Yes, I know motivational books are your thing but have you tried memoirs? The box you have placed your reading in might be one of the reasons you are not reading effectively.

SET GOALS: While this doesn’t work for everyone, setting goals and holding yourself accountable helps. One of the reasons I share what I plan to read at the beginning of the month is for discipline. No one is going to scold me for not meeting my target but it has helped with my discipline. I came up with a reading challenge at the beginning of the 2018 that helped improve my reading. I read over 50 books in 2018 and goal setting contributed to that.

SWITCH UP YOUR READING MEDIUM: I cannot begin to stress the importance of this. There was a time I couldn’t even stand e-books but Scribd made me embrace it. You might be reading an e-book and it might be the reason you hardly get pass the first chapter. Buy a physical book, try an audiobook. I navigate among the three and it helped greatly.

HAVE BOOKISH FRIENDS: There is a way you can find strength from your friend. Having friends interested in books will encourage your reading game, make books available because you can exchange books and you can all discuss books. You can use #bookstagramnigeria on Instagram to discover book lovers in Nigeria and can change the location for a broader search.

JUST READ: Sit, reflect on how you spend your 24 hours, you can understand how reading can fit in that schedule. All the time wasted can be channeled into reading. Don’t say you will do it tomorrow, do it NOW.

Have you read the post I discussed reading a in book 24 hours? Did you find this post on how to read more effectively helpful? Let me know if any of the points helps your reading game.



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    Really helped. Thank you

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    This was great! Thanks for sharing Funmi ❤

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    Nice one sweet! This points would definitely come in handy.

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