Reading a book in 24 hours

Things That Start Small But Sweet by Bibi Ukonu
Book Review- Things That Starts Small But Sweet by Bibi Ukonu
October 13, 2018
A Gamble With Death by Kelechi Goodluck Onuoha
Book Review – A Gamble With Death by Kelechi Goodluck Onuoha
October 22, 2018
Reading in 24 hours

When people ask how long it takes me to finish a book, I tell them that it is relative. There are so many factors to consider when answering the questions because books come in different sizes, style of writing and themes.

Can I finish a book in 24 hours? Yes! There are times I have read a book in 24 hours but mostly it was unintentional. The truth is that, there are so many things that come in play when determining how long it will take to finish a book some of which I will discuss below:

Mood/Time of my life: Early  in the semester, I know the work load is light compared to later in the semester (I am entering my finals now, this might change) anyway, I tend to read more because I have enough time and less workload but later in the semester, it is a struggle to finish a book and even though I have reading challenge prompts to follow, I try to finish the book on my list.Reading in 24 hours

The size of the book: It is natural to finish smaller books earlier than large books. Even smaller books in a way gives me that nudge to keep reading,  but this is linked to the next factor below.

How interesting the book is: This is utterly important, if I really enjoy a book, I will want to finish it fast but if it’s a book that does not catch my fancy, I might not be enthusiastic to finish it early.

The style of the author: No author is the same. That’s the beauty of writing which also comes with its complications. There are writing styles, it feels like a warm embrace from the author, it is relatable and some more technical than the other. This also influences reading choice.

Social media distraction: I thought about tagging it life distractions but social media is a blessing and a curse. The irony is that when I am reading an e-book, I try to stay off internet connection but reading a paperback makes me touch my phone from time to time which gets me distracted. I use Instagram mostly, which I am constantly trying to reduce how long I spend on there.

The book format: E-book, audio-book or paperback? I finish audio-books the fastest because I tend to listen a lot when I’m on transit or walking. I try to avoid reading paperbacks in public because of the constant, “hey, what are you reading?” This can be distracting, I stick to e-books or audio-books in public (mostly). 

At the end of the day, I try to meet each weekly reading goal but not at the expense of enjoying the process of reading. ENJOY IT. Have you studied the pattern of your reading? What influences how soon you finish a book?


  1. Sophie says:

    I would like to finish a book in 24 hours but I think it all depends on the writing style of the author. If I’d find more books like Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie then that would be possible. Please recommend any novel that’s as engaging as hers

    • Hi Sophie. Americanah is one of my favourite books. There are so many awesome African books; Easy Motion Tourist by Leye Adenle, In dependence by Sarah Ladipo Mayinka, Son Of Man by Amara Nicole Okolo, The Carnivorous City by Toni Kan, Have you read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah; beautiful memoir? I’d also recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. They all tell beautiful stories.

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