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Short Nigerian Movie for the win!!!! Happy New Year! I hate that I did not do a proper New Year Post. I hope it is a great year for us. Did you join the reading challenge? I am on my fourth read this year. I have been active on Instagram and have posted on the Reading Challenge. Catch up on Instagram.

My friend wrote and directed a Short Nigerian Movie. Which will be released on Saturday the 13th and he asked me to write a review. He was keen on telling me that it is a low-budget movie (I rolled my eyes here). I felt he told me this in case I got disappointed which did not happen. Let me get to the review.

Imagine this scenario; you leave someone alive in the room, then you come back and the person is dead. (I can hear someone saying God forbid already). I just said God forbid too.

Three roommates apparently had a night out (clubbing, drinking, partying), got back safely but when two went for lectures, they were welcomed by the cold lifeless body of their third friend on returning to the room. In a developed country, the reasonable thing to do would be to call emergency services but in Nigeria, what do you do?

They decided to consult a psychology student (Yes! we matter) who brings up a plan to call people the dead girl interacted with recently. In the long run, he brought them all in. One of them had to be the killer. The Culprit was amidst them. Who was vile enough to take a life? and will the amateur skills of a psychology student help them find the killer?

The Culprit holds you to the edge but you will not expect the turn of event.

Prior to this, I read the script so I knew how things were going to turn out but I wish I didn’t because I’d have love to experience the suspense firsthand.

It is a Nigerian short movie so it gives you the ‘short and sharp effect’. As I mentioned earlier it is a low-budget movie. This was evident in the area of lighting. I felt more attention should have been paid to this part but this might be unnoticeable to someone engrossed in the movie.

I also felt that even though it is a short movie, there should have been more scenes. Also, I have my reservations about some actors. It is not just a regular drama but it’s a movie. No excuse, I think the professionalism of some actors were actually questionable which would have improved the movie.

I think what struck me most was the fact that I learnt to be very careful with my actions and words. Trust me, little words can erupts the darkest side of  people.

My thought process while  watching the movie: “What is the psychology guy saying?, What are they going to do now?, More people again? Who killed her?”

Anytime I watch make-believe I tell myself don’t overthink. It ruins the fun honestly. I think you should see the movie because it is interesting, it is short,very  affordable and it is a big source of encouragement to the production team. I won’t tell you to invest your money in something that’s not worth it so trust me on this one. So, I know someone that directed a short Nigerian movie (Whoop! Whoop!).

Remember it will premiere at Ozone Cinemas, Commercial Avenue, Sabo,Yaba
It is on Saturday 13th, January 2018
Tickets: Regular  ₦200 VIP  ₦1000
Online tickets available here
Paper tickets available at:
0810 640 9334
0803 665 5740
P.S: Payments for mobile tickets available at the venue. Tickets will be sent to your mails upon order.
Please follow the team on Instagram here

Let me know in the comment section if you will be showing up


  1. Bello abayomi says:

    Wow!!!.I will be there watching the movie live

  2. Williams Omolara says:

    Am excited about this movie and am encouraging my friends to come watch

  3. Nevedeezy says:

    Can’t wait to see d movie this Saturday…my expectations are high

  4. Femi says:


  5. James Hardebayour says:

    Missing a show like dix will be like missing ur wedding day. Seen d trailer n i cant wait 2 c d real deal.

  6. Mariam says:

    Nice Funmi. I’ll definitely be there to see the movie

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