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June 22, 2018
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Terra Kulture Lagos

Terra Kulture? Checked

I think for once I am actually keeping up with my plans of exploring Lagos. If you are new to this series, do catch up on my trip to Lekki Conservation Centre and Nike Art Gallery. I really do have a list and thank God for my friend that’s always down to discover places in Lagos. Some of the places I intend to visit are just cool places (not touristy) but they are  important in Lagos. They pop up in every ‘cool kid’ conversation.

Terra Kulture is an arts and culture center in Lagos with an attached restaurant (Wikipedia). It is located at  Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos

We decided to try Terra Kulture because it felt right and we guessed we would not spend much there. We spent  less than #1500 (food and cab) each. You need to keep reading the post to find out how.



Visit Terra Kulture in Lagos

Welcome to Terra Kulture

Before going out, it is important to check google and other social media outlets to see how it is generally and get the price if you plan to purchase something. I was aware there was an art gallery, bookstore, restaurant and somewhere show holds at Terra Kulture. The plan was not to buy a book or see a show but to mainly explore, visit the art gallery and check out the food lounge. There is no gate fee at Terra Kulture.

When we got there I was a bit disappointed because it looked pretty small compared to what I saw in pictures. It was so large in pictures honestly. We got there 11:38am, posed to take pictures before proceeding to the Art gallery.

Art Gallery in Terra Kulture

When you enter the building, there is the first encounter with the food lounge which gives you all the arts and African feels in the world. Feel the vibe in the pictures below. An unconventional stairs will ferry you to the Art gallery where we met a beautiful and polite attendant.  I am always humbled when I see artworks because it just blows my mind. We were the only ones in the gallery at that time.

Terra Kulture in Lagos

Isn’t this gorgeous?

Terra Kulture a place to visit in Lagos

We were hungry so we went back to the restaurant to get food. What we saw online (the price) was so different from the reality. We placed an order for sweet potatoes which arrived 25 minutes later. Will you believe that workers there all wore traditional attire? Honestly, the food was not mind blowing, so I won’t say I enjoyed it but there are so many things to try. We bought a bottle of water. Let me break it down; we spent less than 1500 each. The food was 1200 each plus a bottle water 350 which equals 2750 when divided into two is 1375.Restaurant at Terra Kulyure

Food Lounge at Terra Kulture

Come dine with me

I know you are asking ‘what about transport?’

What you are about to read is not sponsored in an way. I use Taxify (transportation network company) occasionally. I got 2000 off 4 rides and some other people I know so it was not just me at that point. Automatically, my transportation was sorted out. If you want to get ₦2500 off your first ride, use my code (P1SFF).

You do not need to break the bank to actually explore somewhere if you want to. Some might say, why bother? Well, I want to. I cant be living in a city and the only place I know is my street.


  • Have a friend that is enthusiastic about exploring; I don’t have the formular to this but this helps greatly and who would take those pictures  in Terra Kulture?Visit Terra Kulture in Lagos
  • Check online before going.
  • Take extra money.

I know there are some places you have no option but to spend money but there are others you can find your way around.

Will I be visiting Terra Kulture again?

Yes, to catch a show but with a bigger budget.

Have you been to Terra Kulture?




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