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Dear Crush,

The beginning already seems cliché. This should not stop you from reading what I have to tell you.

You once accused me of never hugging you because I always say the aloofish hello. I laughed that day but what you did not know is that I thought I will melt when you are around. You had no idea how hard I was trying to get over you , people told me you were with someone and I believed which I later found out was false. I can’t recall how it started but happiness crept in and lingered.

You were everything I needed in a man both physically and spiritually. I thought you were the one. You were perfect honestly; older, spoke well, cultured and just perfect.  There is no point writing how well you are formed because you get the opportunity to see that package in the mirror every day. It’s unbelievable how I don’t feel anything writing this now…oh! Its fifty million crushes after.

Did you ever like me? Sorry I asked. I will really like to know. You‘d be in utter shock if you eventually find out that you are the one. I was very careful with being effusive because I did not want to drown in disappointment in case you didn’t feel the same (I was so sure you didn’t, I was a naïve fresher, what were my chances?). I remember the day you called me. I almost fainted.

I will never forget what you said and how you said it “I am sorry I picked your call, I know I should have called back”. I wrote it in my planner and re-read it again. That was so thoughtful. You made me happy and you did it effortlessly.

Wow! You are going! I want you to have a beautiful life and afford me the luxury of getting over you.




There is a similar post I think you should check out here.  I wrote this in 2016 as a tribute to someone I was terribly crushing on at that time. He was a big deal to me then and he was leaving and there was no point crushing anymore. If I were to write a tribute to every crush, I’d never run out of what to write. How’s your reading goal going?



  1. Femi says:

    Hmmmmmm…. Why do I feel somehow about this!? 😨

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