Book Review – The Burgess Theory by Tobi Nifesi

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The Burgess Theory

The review of The Burgess Theory is long overdue and I am glad I finally published it now. This is the second Tobi Nifesi’s book I have read. I read React and reviewed here which I enjoyed. There is a unique way the writer structures his book, which alone is thrilling coupled with his writing style.

                  She believed that life moves in one direction, forward; and so, should we


The Burgess Theory opens up with the story of Kim and her husband, and then gradually sails to the introduction of Chris and his double life, as someone’s husband and another’s partner.

Chris’ narration switches voices as he segues from third person to first person narrative. Chris’ side of the story shines light on his childhood, growing up and events that led to everything he ended up to be.

Kim, a psychotherapist struggles with an event in her past that reemerges after an incident with her husband. Kim is determined to get to the root of the matter, follows closely the perpetrator of a life-changing event she had to endure.

The Burgess Theory is a story of the aftermath of repressing traumatic events, friendship, love, brokenness and it touches prevailing issues like rape, sexual assault, mental health and disorders like endometriosis.


Shame has a way of doing that to you – it smears your canvas of positivity with thoughts of guilt, inadequacies and regret

I like when a book discusses about prevailing issues, The Burgess Theory explores characters with endometriosis, underlying childhood issues that affects their personality and introducing psychotherapy as a way of seeking help or dealing with life issues.

The issue of children molestation and rape were discussed in The Burgess Theory; it is important to see how these traumatic events leave a residue in an individual and affects them over time. As saddening as these things are, they are not abstract, they are people’s reality and it is important that it is represented in books.

The Burgess Theory is a book that encourages you to pay attention to every detail, if you become mindless or blink too much, you might actually miss a large chunk of information. I particularly liked how the writer married various scenarios; there is just something about the writing style that I enjoy.

While reading The Burgess Theory, I had reservations about an ethical issue concerning a psychotherapist working with someone they know (I am trying not give spoilers). Maybe, it is because of my background in psychology but I just asked questions concerning that part of the book.

The writer has also been organizing events around the subject of sexual assault which I know will amplify and help debunk myth around sexual assault.


Yes, I highly recommend The Burgess Theory because it deals with real life issues and tells the story of repressed traumatic event and its result on an individual.  It is a 3.5/5 for me.

Title: The Burgess Theory: a prequel to ‘Domestic’

Author: tobi nifesi

Publisher: –

Format: ebook

Source: The author

Pages: 130 pages

This book was sent by the author in exchange for an honest review.



The burgess theory is a psychological thriller about a young man who, in an attempt to get over his traumatic childhood, has to come to terms with gruesome secrets about his own past and personality.


Author’s Bio

The Burgess Theory

Tobi Nifesi is a Nigerian writer who harnesses the intrusive power of writing to pave a path that opens up to enlightenment and redemption. He believes that, by writing, he can create, recreate and share stories that are just as intriguing as they are awakening.

He is the founder of horoma – a creative collaboration of entrepreneurs and artists – and a journalist who has worked with publications such as Maclean’s Magazine, the Manitoban Newspaper and Interlake Spectator.

Tobi believes in Linkin’ Park, ‘Mad Men’ television series, Dan Brown, Apple and Jesus.


The Burgess Theory

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