This thing called life

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November 11, 2019
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This thing called life

Yesterday, you woke up feeling lethargic, the same feeling that has blossomed in your heart for weeks. Today, you pushed everything you were supposed to do to the next day that would be another next day. You are losing track of people you are supposed to see, places you are supposed to visit and things you are supposed to do. Everyday, is a handful of wishes for a better tomorrow, everyday, you repeat that cycle.

Some days later, you hear about the celebration of someone’s life. There is fanfare, there is music, there is food but what if the life being celebrated was full of wishful thinking and procrastination. Does it mirror the path you have been following?

What is  life?

Each day, each decision, each duty ignored, each person you let into your life, each person you let out of your life. These seemingly unrelated strings are intertwined to form your life. The book we read, the YouTube video we are watching for the umpteenth time,  the podcast we just listened to, our values and the bigger things that informs our decision.  These things leave a deposit in us, gently or aggressively making us who we are. Things you can’t change like family, things you have influence over like friends, these things add up.

And this is life. My life. Your life. Everything adds up, everything you have control over and those that life actually happened to you are what makes up your life.

This thing called life is fickle, it drowns you, evokes laughter, bring sadness, make you ball your eyes out, makes joy dance in your heart and this is life.
This thing called life

You might hate it sometimes, love it but make sure hope is buried deep within your heart because it is hope that helps us to go, in this thing called life.




  1. Sara says:

    Wow. I’ve learnt alot from these short paragraphs. I think i’d pay more attention to the details of my life. Cause, as you wrote. It will all come together to form what my life is. Thank You for this. 😁❤

  2. Lara Kareem says:

    Amazing Funmi.

  3. Wuraola Ologunro says:

    Trueeee, will do better for myself hence forth.

  4. Emmanuel ogunseye says:

    You are the best blogger in Nigeria

  5. EMMAX says:

    Your posts are imparting good wisdom

  6. Desire Uba says:

    This is so short and sweet.
    I literally came here from twitter and I am so glad I did.
    Everything, from the mundane, to the gigantic, adds up. It just does.

    Thank you for sharing, Funmi ❤️

  7. Uche says:

    Nice one Funmi

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