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November 9, 2017
The story of a clinical psychology student who has an addiction.
Fiction – I am addicted
November 22, 2017
Glasses or contact lens? Which is better.

Dear contact lens,
Originally, this should be in the thankful series but I am really not thankful. We are in a love/hate relationship. You made me a channel of betrayal. I betrayed my glasses.
It happened when I was going all out for a dinner. I was going to slay for that dinner and my glasses did not fit in the picture anymore. I was going to wear false lashes and I did not want it to be hidden behind my glasses. Even after raving about my glasses here .I betrayed it.
I love you because I like the idea of another look. I like that I can put the frame behind me. I like that it totally changes my look.
I think I hate you more. Why don’t you hide my imperfect eye brow blending? You know I lost my blending brush but glasses would hide that perfectly. Why do you make me want to cry easily? I think I get more emotional when you are on.
I will never forget the first day at Ake festival, when I did not know when a small particle entered my eye. I was stuck. I couldn’t remove it. I remember thinking of what my mom would say. I couldn’t cry, It had to be removed. Thank God! It came out at last. You were on my right eye;the one that troubled me. I wore you that day and there was this beauty you splashed on my facial structure.
You showed me pepper. It took forever to learn how to wear you. I am still not a ‘professional wearer’ but I try.
I don’t think I can totally hate you because I have an injury at the back of my ear and you will be helpful now but I am suceptibile to cry now because I read a Nigerian fiction novel, so I can’t use you now. The guy at the clinic told me not to cry with you. I actually cry at silly things so I don’t know how I am going to cope.
I hate you and I love you. Just so you know, I will still wear my glasses more and wear you less.
I have an ambivalent feeling about you and it might take me a while to like you.
I am sorry glasses, with you I realized that it is easy for people to be comfortable somewhere until they explore something else. With contacts I have explored. I am not gratified but you no longer hold the value you used to. This has nothing to do with you but everything to do with me.
Please don’t fight because of me, I love you both unequally.


  1. Kelvin Kelvin says:


  2. Sonia says:

    This is so beautiful……. I love every aspect of it…… Keep it up

  3. Dikachi says:

    This so lovely and I can relate😢..keep up girl!

  4. Oluwatobiloba says:

    Muah to this

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