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April 20, 2017
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If there is a question I get asked a lot apart from my name it has to be ‘why are you studying psychology?’ If you are expecting a grand story of how it has always been my passion or something like that. Well, you might be a tad disappointed or not. Just stay with me.

In secondary school I was a commercial student because my secondary school just puts you in where you excelled in your Junior WAEC as we called it. It was subject to change but I did not change because I had no passion for anything. I wanted to be a doctor growing up but I lost interest majorly due to the fact that I cringe at almost everything. So, I just continued the commercial thing. I was doing well so that fuelled my drive. I just wanted to go to school and just do something.

My final year in secondary school (high school) I realized that I would be really unhappy if I eventually did something in the commercial line. I hated numbers because it was unrelatable to me, nebulous and empty. I knew I wanted more so I began to look for something else that I might register for JAMB (an exam that allows you get into a university in Nigeria). I loved government at that point so I thought about International relations but University of Lagos (the school I was going to apply for) did not list it in their undergraduate programmes. I wanted university of Lagos because I couldn’t deal with long distance travelling by bus and it just felt like the right thing to pick .

On the day of JAMB registration, my bunk mate ( I was in the boarding school) was in her final year too and confused like I was but she was in Arts class. So we got to the computer lab that day and Someone just mentioned ‘Psychology’ then I checked the meaning of Psychology . Boom! I registered for it.

Yes! I am currently studying psychology. People asked if I were okay. Like what is Psychology? What will you do later in life? Will you get a job? Are you sure you will make it? I knew I would like it because it dealt with humans and not numbers. Even up to the point I started my first year I was not sure about it but I just wanted to go to school. I had a passion for education but nothing in particular. At that point, it was like I was doing nonsense but look at everything now. Inasmuch as I was confused I kept praying for God’s will I was so confused at that point I even signed up for counseling.

In summary, believe in spontaneity.

You see it is not a grand story but it is a grand journey for me. What is your story?

PS: I will be consistent and I mean it.

Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola Ogunseye
Funmilola is an avid reader who carries a book around every where. A writer, lover of all things beautiful, believer,inbound Marketing Strategist and a budding psychologist.


  1. aguclaudio says:

    I actually wanted to do medicine, I still want to but since I had a 14 in jupeb I had to pick psychology since it was a study about human behavior.

  2. aguclaudio says:

    Since it is a study* rather

  3. Akinz says:

    Interesting, Psychology. Just like that!..if the person said beard management, would u have gone in for that too…
    Lol..but all in all.GRAND in a funny and interesting way.

  4. Oreofeoluwapo says:

    Psychology is
    fun.. Am in my 3rd year and am studying psychology.. Its fun dear and you’d enjoy it only if you love the course from the onset..

  5. Mide says:

    I started wondering what you were up to back then in secondary school,when you dropped commerce and accounting…your majors…then you started attending biology classes…then you told me you picked psychology while registering for JAMB, I was a bit thrown of balance by your decision, but I’m happy you’re happy.

  6. mz_mo says:

    lovely blog

  7. Margaret says:

    Wow love this really, well-done babe! I have a similar story too, get to answer questions pertaining to my course of study at school.

  8. Labake says:

    I love psychology too.
    very much acc.

  9. Terver Francis says:

    I was also kept in commercial class but I know I can’t achieve anything there, but it’s funny how the more u know, the better the choices u make, dats y I don’t really know wat I want but wen am left with the choice I will chose base on wat I know

  10. Tolu says:

    Awwwn…interesting story. Psychology is a cool course though so am sure u will enjoy it

  11. True12imam says:

    It really doesn’t matter how people interpret different aspects of your interests. the important thing is to find your true passion and just enjoy it …

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  13. I started Psychology because my friends said that I am good at it. They were right lol. Now I am in love with it. Best of luck on your journey!

  14. I started out to study computer science with the hope of becoming a bad ass cracker… but after 2 years I got bored… I need to do something… something that as to do with people…. I wanted to help people on their journey to recovery and hence psychology was born… in my entire life psychology was the best decision I made… psychology healed me.. it loved me and accepted me with both hands….

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